Friday, September 2, 2011

“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope.”

It's not everyday I wake up and want to work with felt.
But today is THAT day.
this morning.
I can't wait to get a hold of some 
of that cheap, scratchy, melded 
felt at the dime store.  

Our dime store is called King's around these here parts.
I'm so sorry if you don't have a King's in your vicinity.
It is heaven for a small town.
It has felt. 
It has googly eyes.
And I don't have to drive to the big city 
to buy felt and googly eyes.
And I want to make Star War finger puppets NOW.
AND lucky for me, the pattern is an email one!!! 

Thank you Idea Room!!

May the felt be with you.  


  1. Thanks for telling us about this! Now I know what I'm making my husband for Christmas... :D

  2. Way too cute....I need to make some of these for Christmas!

  3. Those are adorable. I know a friend or two that I could make those for. (and I might make a set for me too! LOL)

  4. Oh my goodness! I was wondering where the traffic was coming from. Hilarious! Thank you so much for your fun post! I hope you enjoy them and HOORAY for Kings! We had one when I was growing up!

  5. Those would be awesome for Harry!! That's a hint. Way cute!

  6. You're tooo funny! I hope the felt has been with YOU!

  7. Pictures or it didn't happen. I can't wait to see them!

  8. Super cute! Your craftitude overwhelms me :)

    As to the books. I would recommend them to you for sure. However, if you think someone would be offended by the mention, not graphic at all, of a homosexual relationship, you should not read The Lost Garden. In Conventry, there are two brief encounters between a woman & man, but nothing graphic. I would let my mom read them, but she probably wouldn't. However, several very LDS women in my class liked The Lost Garden very much. I loved them because the prose is just edible & you feel so in-tune with the character(s) & everything is so vivid. I really loved them both & was not turned-off by the adult relationships. Hopefully that helps without confusing you too much! Email me at if you need more :)