Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ugly? Fabric Gift

At our Christmas quilt group meeting,
we're exchanging
"ugly fabric"
I guess they were tired of sweet,
little, pretty gifts.?


Over a month ago, we all brought a fat quarter
in a brown paper bag,
so no one saw
& traded.
And then you have to make something incorporating the fabric.

Do you think it's ugly?
DO NOT answer that.

It's perfectly lovely.

I've been a little stumped.
The fabric belongs to a lady that reminds me of my mother-in-law, &
I kept thinking she would really love this fabric.

So, I've been wanting to try making a little purse
with metal clasp handles.

Here's the purse body,
now I'm not liking it.

Plan B

Plan B is
a little pinwheel patchwork in Circa 1934 reds.
You attach the frame using thread.
I used black Prescenia thread & my nifty Quilter's Tips,
because that needle was not coming through.

How do you like the lining?

How do you like it now?

Going to find some fun stuff
to fit in there.

Hope it's ugly enough.


  1. I have to say, I kind of liked the fabric, but using it, in the way you did and camouflaging it with candy now that is just genius for anything ugly!!
    Cause you know we all love candy!!

  2. now i thought those bags were harder to make than that. like how you did not center the patchwork. and magically made that not-so-ugly-fabric disappear.

  3. I don't think the fabric is ugly tho the colors are a bit odd to me.

    Do love that you used it for the lining of the little bag/clutch... very nice indeed!

  4. I must be like your MIL because I love the fabric and really like what you did with it the first go around. The candy cane pinwheels look great too though...

  5. I absolutely do NOT think it's ugly. =) and I want to make a couple of those pouches too. I can't wait.

  6. It is so ugly that I would be happy to take it off your hands! I am sure she will not like it one bit!!!

  7. Okay, I'll say it. I'm not particularly fond of the ugly fabric. But I love that you used it for lining. clever girl.
    dang, that's a cute little purse. Will there be one in my stocking???

  8. That bag is so cute. Nothing like having some goodies to stuff it with. I have never tried something like that. It looks like fun.

  9. It is beautiful and you did a beautiful job with the fabrics, love it.


  10. So pretty! I don't really think that fabric was "that" ugly to begin with, I'm sure she'll love the purse and treats!

  11. Oh that is so sweet! I thought the handles would be harder to attach too. What a fun gift!

  12. That "ugly" fabric looks like Sandy Gervais to me, and I love her fabrics! I love her style and her colors and everything about her fabrics! I bet if this fabric were put side by side with other fabrics in the same line, most people would love it! I do! And loaded up with Lindt? Even better!


  13. I ever wish I was in that exchange! She is going to be a very lucky lady!

  14. I kinda like the fabric. Very good choice of use. I think that fabric that is used in the right pattern ect can make an ugly duckling into a swan. What a fun exchange.

  15. Ever a clever's smashing before and after the goodies are added in!

  16. I was wondering how you attache that hardware, you did a great job!

  17. I really liked the original fabric. Guess those are my colors, but it turned out just darling.

  18. Wonderful! Or should I say Ghastly:) Thanks for sharing your process and wonderful gift!

  19. Excellent use of that fabric! Love the contents of that purse too - think I'll get up and get me one too!!

  20. You're so smart!!!! I love it!! I actually have seen that fabric a few times at my guild. :-)

  21. Interesting what some people think is ugly. This has been one of my favorite fabrics for a long time. Very cute purse.

  22. I didn't think that fabric was too ugly -- you're very funny though! LOVE what you did with it -- very cute!!!

  23. I think this swap was a funny one. I love how your purse came out, and lining it with the "ugly" fabric was genius!

  24. You better get something just as cute back! That was a smart idea putting it in the lining. I made one of those and I want to make more but I'm kind of scared to make it on my own. Yours is so darling. Love your PKM giveaway today. I tweeted it.

  25. Nope, sorry, you failed. It's not ugly! :-D

  26. What a great way to use the fabric - you made something we all would want. I would love to know where you found the metal handle/clasp. I haven't seen those but what a great idea. blessings, marlene

  27. I would love to know where you got that metal clasp it as easy to attach as it looks?

  28. Ok, ugly I dont' think sew...maybe we need a lesson on ugly..I have seen ugly.this is not....
    little clutch. love that..I want to make one of those....or two...yep love it