Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend SALE Friday-Monday Over

Big, gigantic sale is over!
Thanks to everyone who stopped by the sites.
I hope we got back to everyone.
If we missed your convo, let me know.
It was a workout -- lost 3 pounds this weekend :).
Gotta love that.

in our etsy shop, &
eBay store is on sale too.

It's our After-Thanksgiving Sale,




1) It gives YOU more time to start & finish projects!
2) I can't compete with crazy sales on iPhones & flat screen tvs.
3) I'll be gone. I'll be camping in front of the electronics store, & then I'll be glaring at people cutting in line.
4) Actually, I will home eating leftovers.

We've never had a
on etsy.

On almost everything,
we have more than one, just ask.
If you see yardage you want,
we have more &
can set up a custom listing!
Yes, we will refund overpayments on shipping on etsy.
On eBay, please request a revised total before paying.

The sale runs Friday through Monday.
Happy Shopping!
Come Check it Out!


  1. Oh My!! Why must you temp me so! Is it ok to shift the Christmas budget and give me %80 of it? Kids don't really appreciate toys anyway do they?? Not like I appreciate fabric anyway... ;)

  2. lol....She tempted me too Leah....and I couldn't resist her Etsy store....had to make some buys!!!!
    Now I can't wait to get them.

  3. Oh, if I thought hubby wouldn't notice the money (or the package coming in the house) I'd be going crazy buying! LOL I just spent a long time dreaming over your charm packs! Sigh. You have an awesome store, and super prices!