Saturday, December 10, 2011

Little Wallets for Everyone

Whipped up a few last night.
Little Wallets!

They hold --
business cards,
punch cards,
library cards,
gift cards,
money, etc.
They hold that &
much more.
Putting some nail polish &
candy in some of these.
Started making the bottom red one awhile ago
& accidentally did the exclamation point fabric
on the outside
(it should have been all red on the outside).

But I like it.
So I did the top 2 that way.
This is for Harry's teacher.
I know, teachers get all kinds of
'school' themed stuff.
But since my older kids are educated at home.
I've never made
teacher gifts.

And I want to.

So she's getting
an alphabet Little Wallet.
Harry has drawn a picture &
is writing a note.
He'll tuck that in too.
Thought this one would be
fun for a birthday.

I thoroughly enjoy making these.

We have some Little Wallet kits &
patterns in the shop.

Have a great weekend.


  1. Nice little gifts!! I like the "accident" one too.

  2. What a great idea for a gift... or a gift card holder! I love "accidents" like that... excellent!

  3. I have that's nice and easy to use. Love your little wallets! =)

  4. great job! like it!

  5. I love these! I have the pattern and have had a blast making them too. Have a happy weekend!

  6. Thand you for the reminder and the ideas. I have the pattern and it's cut out.

  7. These are great! Thanks for the gift idea. Can't wait to make some of these for my favorite girls.

  8. Those are adorable Corrie -- super cute for Christmas!

  9. Very cute ideas and adorable little wallets!

  10. Making these are addictive. We gave them to teachers last year with bookmarks in one of the pockets and told them it was for their library card. Just love simplicity and sweetness of the pattern.