Friday, March 16, 2012

The Bigger The Stitch The Better

I've been getting quite a few quilt tops finished.
That's the good news!

The bad news. 
They sit around folded up.

I prefer to have them machine quilted,
but I decided I could break down 
and hand quilt.

I use a hoop if it's a twin size or under.

I was excited to try these Big Stitch needles, 
instead of the tapestry &
chenille needles that I've been using.

They are better.  Strong & skinny. 

Although you definitely need some type of rubber to 
pull them or other needles through the seam allowances.

They are perfect for a little tugging.

I'm using Prescencia black Finca Thread size 3, 
but a size 5 or 8 
would work well too. is the last quilt
that I big stitched...

a while ago,
for my baby boy.

Have you 
big stitched? 


  1. Love the big stitches, and use them for all my flannel quilts. I just purchased those same needles and will look forward to trying them out. Your quilts are beautiful...and the tops are waiting for you!

  2. Love the big stitches and love that vintagey Halloween material - what line is that?!!!

  3. I'm going to talk about the fabric tomorrow. :)

  4. Yay! for big stitching. Haven't done it in ages. You may inspire me. I'm excited about those big stitch needles!!
    I use my quilter tips for the same thing!! The quilter tips are also perfect for their intended purpose...machine quilting!

  5. Oooooh, pretty pretty! I LOVE big stitch!!!

  6. When I first began quilting 43 years ago, everyone thought my stitches were too big. I spent several years practicing tiny stitches, and now big stitches are in! I'm going to give it a try - see if a can revert....

  7. Congrats on getting your quilt tops finished! I like to get my quilts machine done also, but the price adds up quickly! I started out hand quilting, but it was really painful for the ends of my fingers. They became numb and it wasn't easy to do hand stitching as well...

  8. Those look great. I have been wanting to get a lap stand for my quilting hoop. I have a couple quilts that need quilting, and I would rather do it by hand. ~Kimberlee

  9. Congrats on getting some quilts finished! How rewarding to finish a project. I love the big stitching that you have done on your quilts. Don't you just love using the perle 8 thread, it is such a nice thread to quilt with.

    As for the quilts just sitting around folded up, have you thought about hanging some of them on walls. Or maybe just leave them out on a quilt rack display until they are ready to be used.

  10. The tips and the needles look interesting. I am always killing my fingers, can't get used to wearing something on my finger. Something that fits snug, but I can still feel through it, would be perfect.


  11. Well you know I hand stitch fav part actually....and I have tried those needles but prefer smaller I use their quilting needles they are only 1.5 inch long...
    I love the halloween you are way ahead...I am still thinking spring here lol....
    Ohhhh and Presencia thread I use the finer one for hand quilting but all of my hand embroidery I use the 8...too bad you are sew far away...I could stitch for you ...I am pretty

  12. I did hand stitch my Alien Landscape mini quilt/playmat, but had no idea it was called big stitching! I am not really a quilter, but from my experience with sewing (& stuffing), I used hemostats (surgical clamps) for pulling the needle through some of the tough spots. They're so handy and fairly inexpensive (I got mine on for about $4).

  13. Love the big stitches...I hand quilt everything, and I guess I was "big stitching" without knowing, cos I sure can't do those tiny stitches that some quilters can do! LOL
    Beautiful quilt tops!

  14. Big stitch is my favorite go to and I use embroidery needles or sharps with a big eye. BTW a hemostat is what you need to pull the needles through. I keep a short one with my abroider scissors around my neck. Also a thimble on my finger. Quilt toward you too,. It is easier to push.

  15. I love the look of big stitch hand quilting. I just finished a mini quilt using an embroidery needle and finca perle size 8 in cranberry. I use a leather thimble pad on my finger. Besides protecting my finger and pushing the needle, I find it helps a bit with pulling the needle through when needed.