Saturday, March 24, 2012

A Ghastlie Family Reunion

have returned!

This time with
extended family.

"A Ghastlie Family Reunion"
from Alexander Henry.

When I ordered these fabrics long ago,
I saw this gal & thought she was my little 
hammer girl all dressed up.

How happy I was today,
to find the hammer!
And the girl.
It isn't too noticeable.


You can play I Spy with a little child.
Set them on your lap & say,
"C'mon honey, 
let's find the hidden hammer."

She doesn't look all that happy
 to have been found.

Maybe I'll make some new dolls
 for the kids to play with.

In the store,
we still have some
"A Ghastly Night"
"The Ghastlies"
& coordinates as
well as
the new 
Ghastlie Knots
Ghastlie Tapestry
and the main print in:
Mauve &
There are a few more prints from 
"A Ghastlie Family Reunion"
that should be on the way...


  1. Ahhh... the lovely Prudence and her friendly hammer!

  2. Oh I have to measure my Ghastlie quilt top for just the right backing!!

  3. WOW, thanks Corrie, I have my order in!!

  4. Those are just so fun and such great characters. I like how you made the dolls with them, would be fun to do a whole setting.


  5. Oh my, oh my! I have been waiting for this to arrive. I want it all! My budget won't be happy but somehow I will find a way to squeeze it in.

  6. Ooooh, I LOVE me some ghastlies! I have two prints I need from you -- I hope you're getting them in the new shipment!!! ;-D

  7. Ohhhh the Ghastlies...well I think I remember I think there is some rumbling too of another blog hop...mmmmmmm Ghastlie I say and her Hammer too lol