Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Teenager Could Do It


One of my famous things to say is - 
"This is so easy a teenager could do it."

I think my teens are ready to kill me.

Months ago I tried making a spiderweb block.
Loved it.  
It was really fun,
 pretty simple.

 Yes, I loved it so much
 I made 4. 

Well, my younger daughter always 
makes a quilt for the fair and
 time was running out and 
she hadn't come up with anything, so....  

I said, "Hey, this block is awesome, 
super easy, you'll love it."

say it with me --
 "It's so easy a teenager could do it."

Granted I said this before I had even sewn my piddly 4 red blocks together.  Sewing them together, you find that you really shouldn't pull to make them fit, and maybe I would have done the center a little differently.

But the cutting and sewing on this quilt 
had already begun.

This quilt is an great scrap buster.
It was made from little 5" strips 
that were leftover from when we make charm packs 
and a couple of 6" charm packs of Sugar Hill.

It started out to be a lap quilt,
then a twin,
and ended up at a queen.
of sewing and pressing!

Kathy of Stitch by Stitch 
squeezed us in to meet the fair deadline.
Thank you , Thank you Kathy!
She's an amazing longarm quilter 
and does such a nice job.  
Kathy has quilted many a quilt for us.
Her button is on our sidebar, so she's easy to find.
Get your quilts in soon for Christmas gift giving,
 but not before me! :)

My daughter scored big at the county and state fairs.
This was entered in the "pieced category";
it can be machine quilted by someone else.

Here's another one of her fair quilts -- 
the year I told her a dresden plate was
"So easy a teenager could do it."  :)


  1. This is a wonderful, gorgeous quilt and a fabulous story of the little engine that could! Love the finished quilt and congrats for all those ribbons! The piecing and the quilting are top notch!

  2. Wow! That must be SOME teenager! Great job! And Congratulations on all those pretty colorful ribbons!


  4. WOWEEE! What a beautiful quilt! Totally deserved those ribbons.

  5. Uh, i believe you didn't mention that I was the wind beneath your wings.....
    And to think you didn't want to do it for our block exchange.
    HOWEVER, awesome job miss lizzie!!! it's really amazing and will be a 'hairloom' for sure! ;)

  6. It is beautiful!!! Nicely done and nicely coached...

  7. I don't believe I am not a teenager...I have the tools...and still I am struggling here..I am doing something up for a blog hop for next year lol ..really that easy lol

  8. ps. love the pinks and blue..most deserving of many ribbons..congrats missie

  9. Well- the nut doesn't fall far from the tree, eh.
    Great job, well deserving of a ribbon or two.

  10. Love this block, too. Be sure to tell your daughter "Congratulations"! I had forgotten how much I loved your reds and whites (+blue) blocks from the RWB Hop. I know it's a spider web but I think I might put sashing around the block so that the star is featured. [...This is just me musing about the quilt when I make it. :)]

  11. What a gorgeous quilt!!
    I love Kathy's quilting!
    She's the best!! :0)

  12. WOW! It's gorgeous Corrie! I love the colors!!!

  13. It is so gorgeous, love the quilt and the colour combination! This one is definitely a keeper!

  14. Her quilt is beautiful. Congratulations!

  15. Congratulations on the awards! What fun to make, then so proud, I'm sure, to win the ribbons! Yay!

  16. Oh Congratulations to your daughter and her proud Mama! What a beautiful quilt. I just love the colors.

  17. WOW - beautiful quilt and beautiful ribbons to match! Thanks for letting me be a part of it!

  18. Beautiful! I love the Spider quilt. That is the pattern that my grandmother used to make the quilt she gave me for graduation. :)