Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Day 7 -- Dots on Dots

It's Day 7 of our
Dot Parade!
I wish I had witty dot repertoire 
for you every day.
I could give a couple of tips:
Don't wear polka dot underwear with white shorts.
and Redbook tells us:
"Polka dots perk you up--pretty much instantly. 
 A playful pattern gives off an energetic, fresh-faced vibe that's 
appropriate no matter how many candles you're blowing out this year."
Good to know that polka dots are timeless!
Here is our lineup today! 



  1. What a Great Day today for Dots.. WOW the samples and creativity was fabulous.

  2. Love today's dots! Your tip of the day, don't wear polka dot underwear with white shorts is a hoot, LOL!

  3. Another super day for dots! Wanted to say I love the dotty swatch on the blog today; they just look so happy - well, anyway, they make ME feel happy.