Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's Read

Over at SewWeQuilt, Madame Samm's hosting a month of Books for Women. It's been very enjoyable.  You get exposed to many different books, and can figure out which ones you want to read. 

I reviewed one of the books.  
It was featured this past Monday.  
Not exactly what I was expecting, but back when I was a working mom outside of the home, it would have been helpful.  If someone would like that book, let me know and I'll send mine to you.  (I just have to find it.  I need to read the clutter book.)
I'm not an avid reader, 
but I did go to my book group last night.  
(Don't tell them, but I pretend it's a quilt group. 
Last month, I showed off my coin purses.)  

Those ladies read a lot.  
My eyes glaze over with envy.
In November, at my suggestion
we finished Atlas Shrugged.  1200+ pages.  
 of it.
That will keep me good for a couple of years, right?


  1. Awwh atlas shrugged, great book, my husband got it for me because in his opinion I was going through books to fast. That one did take me a bit, but I was glad I got through the whole thing. It is a good book.

  2. Nice post. I like your sense of humor. Atlas Shrugged, good for you!

  3. finished Atlas Shrugged for the second time in July. phew! the first time I read it I was young and foolish. Totally different take this time!

  4. Atlas Shrugged is my all time favourite book. I can't count the number of times I have read it! And, when I was young(er) and had knee surgery, I used the open hardcover for leg lifts for physio! Great read and a great physical therapy tool! LOL

  5. Well? What did you think??? Did you like it??? It's one of my all-time favorites -- I Loved it. I wish the movie version could have done it justice!