Monday, December 31, 2012

Make More Bread - 2013

Let's start the new year out right! 


I got a new book for Christmas. 
It's true. 
It was delicious. 
We felt very Italian.
We plan on feeling very Italian a lot this year. 
Year of the Artisan Bread

Happy New Year!


  1. I have been wanting to get my hands on that book and bake some bread! Happy New Year to you!

  2. It is a great book, make the orange marmalade - it is so so good.

    1. I KNOW!! I am totally planning on making that! It looks so good.
      Thanks for the testimonial!

  3. It looks good. Have fun with your home baked bread.

  4. Looks tasty. Well done. At your prompting, we (which means my husband) tried artisan bread this summer in a dutch oven in the oven. Turned out really good. Book looks great. Would make a super gift for that certain someone's birthday or Valentine's Day. Although you probably shouldn't be giving a V-day gift to my husband. :)

  5. Yum yum and more yum! :0)
    Happy New Year! Trish

  6. This is not nice! I have so many cookbooks & am trying to pare down....but after reading the description on Amazon it seems I'm adding to my collection! :) I love making things that look like they take forever & are complicated, but secretly anyone can make. :) Thanks for telling us about this book. I can't wait to try making some bread myself!

  7. Happy New Year. bread and real butter, yum!

  8. That looks so delicious! I'll have to check out that book...I love anything that's easy. Happy New Year!

  9. Happy New Year! That looks absolutely de-lish! I am big on making homemade bread.

  10. That looks sooooo very yummy. Makes me want to eat bread again.

  11. that's a great book and I love homemade bread

  12. I have the book and loooove it. I used to make at least one batch a week, and tried the different recipes, too.

    I was just telling my mom it's a no-knead bread - she said, "It depends on how you spell NEED."


  13. I've made many many loaves of really great bread from that book, we make pizza every week, and I love the Limpa recipe. Also the pecan sticky rolls are good!