Friday, January 11, 2013

Mend Away

Post-Christmas presents
 for the girls to show you.

College daughter asked for
 a sewing kit 
2 years ago. 
I refused to buy one.  "Oh, I'd love to make one up."

Time passed.
I had grandiose sewing kit thoughts
of elaborate, darling pin cushions and needlecases, 
and then what was I going to put it all in???
Just wasn't happening.

Then Des did a post this summer and
 her kit was quite doable.  
Kind of changed my kit thoughts.


I mean,
my daughter just wants to 
sew on a button, 
not change the world.  

So there is:
a little pincushion
Safety pins
Tape Measure


Handy Pebble needles.  
And I didn't have to make a needlecase!

 Seam ripper
Didn't really want spools in there, 
so I wound thread on a couple of bobbins,
they fit in with the pins.

And little scissors.
Figured if they are cute and not very utilitarian, 
maybe they'll stay with the kit.

 I liked their pincushions so much, 
I made me a little travel one.

Love the ground walnut shells for filling.
I have a couple of pincushions that are filled with fluff and
 when you pull the pin out 
the pincushion comes with it,
 because it's not heavy enough to stay. 
Not these, they stay put.

In the shop, we carry:
I also have tape measures and seam rippers 
(if you need any let me know).

Got the scissors in Mexico.
 Container is a school pencil box.

  College girl is leaving tomorrow. :(
I'll take comfort in knowing 
she won't still be mending
with her stapler!



  1. I love this idea and have pinned it so I can make one for my daughter! Using the bobbins is a brilliant.

  2. very cute idea. I love the little scissors

    Robin in Washingotn State

  3. Adorable first aid kit! Just what a young college girl needs:) Don't you just hate it when they move away???

    1. I think she meant sewing kit :), but uh oh...the girls don't have first aid kits either! Now I'll have that on the brain.

      They can buy a box of band-aids.

      Yes, children growing up stinks!

  4. Could not be cuter. This is the kind of kit my girls would want. They wouldn't really appreciate the kind of kit Lori has a pattern for. That said, my sisters would appreciate it. So we are going to make those this summer. But yeah, this works perfectly. And the scissors are sew darn cuteee.

    1. Nanette found the scissors for us on Amazon. She's a smartie.

  5. What a great idea. I may have tl make a couple of those. x

  6. What a great idea...especially love the pincushion and scissors!!! TFS

  7. This is so cute and a great idea! I need to make some of those pincushions (thankfully they do not require the use of a glue gun.) Thanks for sharing!

  8. Your fabric in th epincushion is perfect with those scissors. I bet she just squealed with delight when she saw what you made. Just love them! Jane

  9. Very cute. I need a kit to put with my hand sewing stuff when I am out of town.

  10. It`s very nice and wondoerful idea!!

  11. Mending with a stapler. Hmmm. Sounds intriguing. Your kits are AWESOME and you sort of notched it down for those of us who are over-achieving sewing maniacs who think we have to be pioneer women and make everything from scratch. I have THREE of those plastic pencil boxes for my own sewing kits in my sewing studio and I stole one of those from my college daughter years ago. Works for me. Loved this post!

  12. That is the cutest thing I have seen all day. Love the scissors! So sweet! cmt

  13. Corrie,
    Those turned out so adorable!!!!
    I love them and your girls will treasure them.

    YOU are an amazing mother! ;)
    Hugs, Stacey

  14. Good job mom and sorry to hear your college girl is headed out again. :(

  15. Gorgeous sewing box, such a great idea. Although - talking of staplers as mending tools, I have used sticky tape, staples and sticky putty (I think that is the right term, in Australia we call it Blu-Tak). I recommend the staples over everything else. Sticky tape tend to peel off at the most inopportune times, Blu-Tak works until the item gets washed, then it stops sticking but remains on the fabric in a big mess! So from someone who used these methods as a teenager - GO THE STAPLER!!!

  16. This is such a cute idea! I love it!!! And the little scissors~just perfect.

  17. Your sewing kit is adorable and perfect for a college girl :)

  18. Too, too cute! I love the scissors too!

  19. I remember Mom mending her pants with a stapler! Miss Bella comes by it natually!!
    I love the little pencil box shape. perfect!

  20. Adorable gift! I love those scissors. This would be useful to so many people even if they have those items, to have them in a totable container all together is great!

  21. Oh - how you make me laugh, Miss Corrie! I'm SO going to start on a itty bitty sewing kit for my daughter(s). Thanks for the ideas. I'm coming shopping in your shop!

  22. Such a perfect, simple idea! I'm thinking those would make great little Christmas gifts for the college kids in our famiy -- thanks for the super idea!

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