Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hexie Purse

Great purse that I've been wanting
 to make for awhile.
I showed Des the pattern and 
we (she) immediately gave sewing hexagon
s on the machine a try.
It worked out great.

The Charming Hexagons Tote Bag
pattern is by Sherri McConnell

Des has gone
 on to make quite a few of these totes.  


I haven't made one yet.
I finally, begged her to make this one for me!

Thank you!
I love the hexagons, 
the length of the straps, the size.  
Love it!

It's made out of 39 - 5" squares,
 and some fabric for the lining,
 handles and fusible fleece.

You can cut the hexagons out on an
 Accquilt with the hexagon die or cut by hand.  
I know Des has done both ways.

I have a few kits in the store,
 if you want a super cute tote for Spring.

The kit includes everything you need.  
There are also patterns in the store. 


  1. What a cute bag! I don't know if I'd be up to the challenge of the hexies, but it's beautiful.

  2. I lve the look of the hexies on this bag!

  3. lovely!! how big are the hexies?? 2" ?? I'm making 3" complicated ones and a purse would be SEW cute

  4. such a sweet pattern and aren't hexies easier to sew on the machine! awesome line for this bag!

  5. That is a wonderful design. Very cute.

  6. Gorgeous. I have never tried hexagons on the sewing machine, so far I have done them all with EPP. Last year I made 4 bags by hand which each used 60 hexagons each. I found it rather addictive.

  7. Very fun... and a spring tote is a perfect idea!

  8. Love the tote! It turned out so cute.

  9. I just love anything with Amy Butler fabric!! Your bag is adorable. I doubt I'll ever use hexies, but I would use charm squares. That is a bag I would carry! Thanks for sharing. (I bought several things a long time back, from your ebay. It's nice to have you sending emails)