Monday, February 11, 2013

Noteworthy Pillowcases

Whipped up a couple of pillowcases!
One person loves sushi
and the other is for my daughter.


So...side story.  
I told my daughter this
 fabric's name is Bento Box.

She replied, "I thought Bento Box
was the name
 of a quilt block?" 

 "??  No...not exactly."

We made "modified Bento Box" 
quilt blocks one year at a retreat.  
Who knew she was paying attention to that!

She wants to make a quilt for her 
dorm room for this fall,
 just trying to decide what fabric.

So I made this Noteworthy pillowcase
 to try it out.

Made this from my favorite

I think the fabric is
 really fun.

I've just seen a lot of colorless dorm rooms
and would want more color in the bedding.??

She has said,
 she does not want shrimp on her quilt,
 so this fabric's out.  :(

 What do you think of this
 in a dorm room?



  1. I love handmade pillowcases. I did some for a children's heart hospital and I received a lovely note and even the head heart surgeon wrote a thank you.

  2. She's crazy to not want those adorable!!! shrimp decorating a drab dorm room!

  3. While the shrimp is cute... love the Noteworthy one. That is my choice. I love making pillowcases. My daughter (and myself/husband) have quite a collection of pillowcases I've made. I would like to make some Noteworthy ones.

  4. Hmmm....yeah, I would want a bit more punch. As long as the quilt has a little more vibrancy?? You know, to match her bubbly personality!!! Love you Lizzie!!!

  5. Ha Ha! I think I would dream of eating shrimp if I had that pillowcase! They are both cute!

  6. Perfect for a dorm room..I know she'll love it..I make pillowcases for our kids cancer hospital here, love doing it, and hope it brings them a little your blog..

  7. I love the colors in your bento box. I agree - let the room be fun but also reflect who she is!

  8. Maybe your daughters right, the shrimp might smell after a couple of days. Better to have candy pillowcases. Cite pillowcases.

  9. I don't think I'd like shrimp on my bed either. There are some sweet blues, greens, and orange in the Noteworthy that could be accents!

    1. I am of the same mind. Use this fabric accompanied by bright accents. You get it both ways!

  10. Both pillows are very sweet!! I know that my son would love the Bento box pillow - too cute!!

  11. Sweet pillow cases ... I do favor the Noteworthy though and they do make it in a brighter set of colors too, though that'd mean you'd have to make another, eh?

  12. Too cute -- although, shocked that someone wouldn't want shrimp on their pillowcase LOL. LOVE LOVE that noteworthy fabric!

  13. I love making these pillowcases. That sushi fabric is so cute. I need to get some! And the shrimp fabric...oh my!

  14. Super cute pillowcases! I spotted that Bento Box fabric a few days ago and it has been calling my name! I've got to get some....yes, indeed!