Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Window Blues

Gave this large white 
window frame 
a little blue makeover.

 I'm happy with the color.  

I'm redoing my bedroom.
It might take a year or so, but at least, 
I've begun.
This is going above my headboard.
 For the window panes, 
I used Garden District home dec/sateen.

Then layered it with some batting,
 cardboard and
 a little glue.

 Hardest part was pushing these
 silver glazier points
 into the wood, 
so the pictures would stay in place.

 Pretty quick and easy project!

Do you think my husband
 will let me paint the bed pink? 
That's a big No.
He does seem okay 
with the birds.




  1. Corrie, what a great idea! So bright and fresh!

  2. Sweet! Very nice job, Corrie ... very nice!

  3. Corrie, was this your frame in your downstairs bath??? I LOVE the color choice and the birds and so bright and happy! Fun...makes me want to do a little painting myself. ;)

    1. No, this is a different larger one. Do you still have your huge window collection?

  4. I. Am. In. Love!

    Did you share this on Pinterest? You would be the most pinned this week for sure!

    Love it!

  5. I love that color and the idea of hanging it over your bed with those cute birds is just too cute! My husband would say "NO" to a pink bed, but there was one time when he went on a business trip and came home to a purple wall in my bedroom. He put up with it for a year or so. LOL

  6. Hahaha -- Husbands just don't get the girly vision, do they? It's beautiful!

  7. I love this idea!!! I have one window pane left - I just might have to paint it, too. Silly husbands....eh?

  8. so pretty. thanks for sharing.

  9. that is so pretty, love it. It has to be pink if they want to sleep in my room, lol.

    Soul Wishes

  10. Very clever! Our bedroom walls are bare, due to us not being able to agree on pictures.

  11. Love it! I've decided this is the year for a bedroom redo too! Will be watching what else you do :)

  12. This is so beautiful and such a clever idea!

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