Friday, April 26, 2013

The Herd is Loose

Feel the ground shake beneath your feet?

The herd is loose. 

Made these cute giraffes, 

horses and

Sixty-seven of them!!!

A little church project. 
These will go in newborn kits and

some may even find their way to 

Pattern from Lotta Jansdotter's book:
Simple Sewing for Baby. 

I made mine shorter and added rick rack and other trims.

Joann's had some great dinosaur corduroy!

I'm only here to serve....... baby at a time.
Which one is your favorite?


  1. These are all so sweet! I think the pink and orange spotty wins my vote!

  2. I love them all-so adorable but I do really love the black and white zebra with the rick rack on top of his head

  3. SIXTY-SEVEN???? Have you lost your marbles??? They're adorable! I love the ones with the giant ric-rac on the neck -- they look like the Loch Ness Monster! ;-D

  4. SO CUTE! You are amazing. I love the horses the best.

  5. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA these are adorable - I like the blue/green horse the best - his mane is magnificent! I think I have this book downstairs - I'm pinning your post as a reminder on how to bling those puppies to the nth degree!

  6. oh these are adorable! I love them all, I love the red/orange one but I also love blue.... but let me pick the traditional giraffe colored one, I love the ribbon on top for ears or hair or whatever it is, SEW cute!

  7. They are all awesome, but I love the dots the best. I lived in Africa for 3 years (Swaziland, in the south) and am so glad you have made these for Tanzania. Thanks for showing us how cute they can be, and probably FAST because you made 67 of them!

  8. Nice job. I have a friend who will be teaching at a Christian mission school in a village in Tansania this fall for a year.

  9. The pink horse with the lace mane is my favourite. Which is yours? What a great job you have done.

  10. Great project. Fantastic really. I've not seen these anywhere and they are going in the humanitarian kits. Nice. I hate to stuff. I really hate it. Or I would be making one.

  11. These are adorable. What great additions to newborn kits.

  12. Do you run your giveaways on a set schedule? Because you only do them for a few hours in one day and I don't get your blog post emailed me until you are done with one, and that is uber irritating and frustrating. I don't even get a chance to enter! I have thousands of quilting/sewing blogs that I read through, and I only subscribe to about 50 blogs I have to read, and yours is one of them, but I never get a notice that a giveaway is coming up.

  13. and I get the blog post the NEXT day, so I will be getting it around 2 am today that you had a giveaway today. And you always give out nice fabric.


  14. OH MY! That spotted pink and orange one owns my heart! Lucky babies - such a good person you are!