Friday, May 24, 2013

Hello Kitty Kokka

Spent a little too much time with 
Hello Kitty at Quilt Market.

I got to bring back some pre-releases.
They are 1/2 yard cuts in the shop
Ordered a bit of it, it will be out later this year.

Cute little outfits.
A dor able

 There was a whole 
Hello Kitty booth.

 There's a Kitty for everyone,
bold and bright,
sweet and storybook,
even Matryoshka Kitty Nesting Dolls,
canvas and cotton.


 Also we have some more Kokka releases
from Ellen Luckett Baker - cotton linen/canvas

These are 1/2 yard cuts.

 and Echino's latest 2013 - canvas

If you have interest in Echino or Ellen Luckett Baker,
just email me.  
They are not in the store yet.

But she is!


  1. I want some Hello kitty but for some reason the link doesnt work..

    1. Hmmmm... they are all working for me. Let me know which one. :(

  2. I love that Hello Kitty much fabric would I need to make it a small or large bag?

    1. It was a nice sized bag. I don't have the pattern for it. They didn't share that with us. I would just pick your favorite bag pattern. I bet it takes a yard for that size.

  3. Oh gosh I LOVE the Hello Kitty stuff. Just reading your post and realized that the line of fabric you have listed under "Ellen Blake" is actually designed by Ellen Luckett Baker who blogs at "The Long Thread" - thought you would want to correct that.

    Natalie Huffman