Saturday, August 17, 2013

College Bound

Lizzie was a little infatuated
with this lavender print...

She has a thing for purple.  

So this Geekly Chic fabric was a perfect start
for her college quilt.

And I have a bolt of purple minkee that
I've been hoarding for a couple of years.  
It goes on the back of most everything it can, 
because we love the long minkee - it feels like 

She entered this retro geek quilt 
in the county fair.  
It did pretty awesome.

It started out as a nice little lap quilt
and then when we were getting ready 
to cut the backing, uh,
it was a large twin size?

Kari Ramsay's pattern explains how to easily
and quickly make these triangles.

It's our last day with her.
She leaves tomorrow.

So happy for her and
this next step.

We love you!
And will miss you terribly!


  1. what a great looking quilt! Im dreading the day my girls leave (and theyre only 4!)
    Goodluck @ college!

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  3. Such a lovely daughter and as cute as her new quilt....i actually like it a lot and I dont usually like a lot of colour...but this one is so pleasing to the eye...
    May her year be filled with wonderful adventures.

  4. What a wonderful quilt! Just love it!

  5. good luck Lizzie! college is such a marvelous time of life!

  6. Beautiful daughter and's never easy when they leave home. But they come!!!! Good luck in school Lizzie!!

  7. Her quilt is just beautiful...and so is she!

  8. What a beautiful quilt! So fun! Hang in there mom all will be fine. Good luck Lizzie .

  9. I just want to say that all of these quilts are loking so adorable.

  10. Lizzies' quilt is beautiful! Mine starts college in the morning but she's staying home.
    Good luck with school Lizzie!

  11. What a beautiful quilt -- and fun project. Congratulations to your little doll -- and best wishes for the next big step!!!

  12. She is darling. The quilt is darling. I really love how it turned out. She'll enjoy it.

  13. What a lovely quilt! She's a doll, too! Congratulations, and good luck at college!

  14. These quilts are looking mind blowing I have no words.

  15. This is SO adorable and chic! ;) Love it!