Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Craft Taffy Retreat 2013 - Part 4

There's a great antique store in McCall.
 They kindly opened up for us. 
Thank you to Gloria at
Farm to Market Antiques!

 One of the gals dug around and found 
herself a nice little Singer featherweight.
Kathy gave us a bias binding and
 machine binding demo.
She's got a write up of the retreat on
 her blog too and a bias tutorial.
As quilt tops were completed they
 added them to the banister.

They all need a
little chocolate by now.
For dinner we ate
 out on the patio.
Perfect evening.
Everyone got a fun gift.

 After dinner, Rachel gave an excellent
 Wilton Treat Pop demo.
They were so yummy.
Here's a follow-up post on Treat Pops!

Here's to Stacey and Des!
You guys are the best!
Thank you for the food
and the fun!

love you!


It was a wonderful retreat to be able
 to escape, sew and relax in the mountains.

Half of the gals came back from last year. 
They drove from CA, WA and ID.
So good to see everyone again and
 have new friends join us.

I always like to have a treat for
 the ride home for them.

This was one of my favorite things
to put together,
and I didn't get a picture
 of all of the little blue boxes :(((.

Hope they enjoyed
their snack boxes!

Thanks for reading along. 
If you would like to receive info about
upcoming retreats or
 sewing days, just email me.


  1. Great group of people and you had such a wonderful time. The blue box is a perfect idea. I need to remember that for the grand kids.

  2. Put me on your list for any upcoming retreats. Glad you moved this one to Sept as there is already snow in the Pass between here and my mom's place!

  3. You gals put on a super sweet retreat! Would love to attend some time!

  4. Love those little snack boxes --- you're so clever! Looks like you guys had a great time -- AND it was productive. I spy ... GHASTLIES!!!! ;-D

  5. So many pretty quilt tops hanging on the bannister! Looks like a great retreat!

  6. Tell me how you got the names on the boxes? So cute!

  7. One of these days I'm going to come up there. I know I keep saying that but life gets in the way. SOmeday.