Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Donut Diamond Rings

I headed over this past weekend
to see the girls and my sister
and I had to see the engagement ring, right?
Made up a little
engagement treat to take.
Got the idea from here.

Whipped these diamonds out
with my Silhouette cutter.
Glued on a toothpick
and it was ready to go.
Had to make do with
 the colored toothpicks.

 Donut tip:
If you want them to stand up,
buy the donuts in the little six packs.

If you buy them in the bag,
they are too round to stand up.

She liked them. 

My little guy ate four.
Hope her roommates got some.
We gave the bag of donuts
to her fiancé and his roommates.



  1. How Cute! Big excitement this week in your neck of the woods!!!!

  2. Corrie,
    YOU are so adorable!!!
    What a fun way to celebrate with them.

    :) Stacey

  3. oh boy..what a great idea. But I'm telling you life now will never be the same.

  4. Everyone looks happy to get a donut.

  5. i watched both videos and adore your sparkly treats.