Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Treat Pops!

I'm sure you've seen Treat Pops around,
but have you tried them?
A treat pop is a push pop;
you can fill it with anything.
You buy them empty like this;
 the lid is also a handy stand.
At the retreat, Rachel gave us an awesome demo
You don't have to put cake in them,
you can put candies in and 
decorate the pops for the holidays.
These are all ready for
Halloween and Christmas.
She decorated the Treat Pop box Stand
for Halloween.
You can put candy,
jello, ice cream, cake, popcorn
anything you can imagine into these.
She showed us how to make a
breakfast parfait with them,
layer yogurt, fruit, granola, repeat.
To make the little cakes,
there are a few different ways to do it,
but she used the
Red velvet, chocolate and pumpkin cakes.
She's making a Halloween one here -
Put some cake,
then some orange icing,
then some sprinkles.
Then she showed how to do
my favorite,
it was so good.
Pumpkin cakes,
cream cheese icing,
and nuts!
Heaven in a treat pop.
Just layer.
Wilton has a nifty starter decorating set that helps,
it has different tips, there's even a long tip
 to get to the bottom of the pop.
Delicious and fun to eat!
 Rachel, thank you for the awesome demo.
The retreat gals all got a package of Treat Pops
 to try and decorating kits courtesy of Wilton.
A big big Thank You to them.

At the end,
we got to make our own. 


  1. Here it is after midnight and I'm wanting to make up a treat pop! Sweet fun.

  2. Oooh, YUM! They look delicious. And anything with caramel would be my favorite too!

  3. yum love those. my kids would love to make those.

  4. Are you going to make those for the wedding??