Tuesday, January 14, 2014

We'll Always Have Paris

I love a good theme.
My daughter has always loved Paris.
We went there a few years ago
and it has just stuck with her.
And it certainly went along with the theme,
when the groom proposed
 to her in Paris, Idaho.
So... for her reception
we went with it.
These were fun
 to put together.

Made yummy
dark chocolates.
Found a pretty little handmade
guest book on etsy.
It's really sweet inside.
I guess my youngest was out in the hall greeting guests.
People told me they had lengthy
 conversations with him.
Where is his sister that's supposed
 to be watching him?
Here she is...
I did stop him once from taking
his croissant and punch
out there
a chair. 

I should have poked
 him a little harder.

Then he heard this suitcase
 on the gift table
was for cards,
so he started taking people's cards
off their gifts so he could put them in there.
Luckily someone saw him
doing that and stopped him pretty quick.
I told him he could take the camera
 halfway through the reception
 and take pictures for me.

Yes, he must be in the
Eiffel Tower to get this one.
Glad I didn't see that.

This is under
one of the tables.
This is me trying to be sweet
and ready to strangle him. 



  1. Oh, it was so great. He was sooo funny. Great night, great memories!!
    Let's go back to Paris!!

  2. Now these are family memories (and added grey hairs).

  3. I loved reading this. Very cute and funny. What a beautiful reception and great decorating.

  4. :) I love it! :) looks beautiful

  5. How funny! Such a gorgeous reception and I am sure in the future memories of him and his antics will be so funny to you.

  6. The little guy is just at that age isn't he? I love the theme of the wedding- I am rather partial to Paris myself. The bride looked beautiful, and a lovely family occasion.

  7. so, so funny! I'm sure you're laughing about it by now! LOVE the theme - beautiful!

  8. Hahaha -- I burst out laughing about the cards on the gifts. Oh My! It sounds like you had your hands full. The Paris them sounds amazing -- what a fun idea!

  9. This might be my favorite post you've ever written. Seriously. I am feeling a kinship to you. (Lovely reception, btw.)

  10. Love this!! Everything looks so lovely, and the abstract photography can't be beat. The last picture though, priceless! :) Sending love to you all!