Monday, March 24, 2014

Monkey Heads

It's 8am..... you know where your monkey heads are?
I do.
I've been on a crocheting kick lately 
and monkeys are involved. 


I try to be awesome and add a little
rattle or do-dah to my baby gifts.


And it's baby gift giving season!

I bought the monkey rattle pattern several years ago.
Etsy pattern here!
For more rattle ideas
See here!
Let's all make turkey legs and elmo's!!!

Join us for our 3rd annual quilt retreat in McCall.
More info Here!



  1. you make them so well. love the stripes and bright colors.

  2. Oh wow -- those look like they're going to be adorable! Thanks for the link to all the rattles -- there are some really cute ones there. What do you put in them for the noisy part?

    1. I have put a variety of things……I buy little jingle bells at after Christmas sales. They sell them in little boxes of 25 or something. I’ve also bought little squeakers they put in dog toys for other things I make too. You can also find little shaker noises in the dog toy stuff too. I think the jingle bells are cheaper. I put three little jingle bells in each monkey head. ;)