Monday, April 21, 2014

Whatcha Got? Kits!

The end of the school year
is near!
Is that a good thing?
Bad thing?
My little guy is hyper and
 ready for summer.
Am I ready for summer?
If you're looking for a fun gift for
 a teacher or a great friend
 or Mother's Day is coming...
I have kits for the Whatcha Got Bag
out of Potluck or Sphere.
Don't be afraid - the zippers are easy and
the directions tell you how to make the nifty
little zipper covers on the ends.
Everything you need to make it is in the kit --
the pattern, the vinyl, the interfacing,
zipper and the fabric.
Here is a Sphere one I made for my sister,
because I'm nice.
The things I do for her. 
She tells me - "I want a grommet in
 the back so I can pull my yarn through."
All righty. 
I will make that happen.
Although neither of us know what exactly it is or
 where to buy it, I finally found it.
The pattern has two sizes.
The kits are for the larger size.
I also have the patterns available.
The smaller pouch is super cute too.
With the kit, you'll have enough little squares leftover
to make another one or
 another little project.
The pattern uses Moda Candy (the little 2.5" squares).
We have some other Moda Candy fabrics -
 I can make up kit of one of those sets,
if you'd like, there's some fun ones, like
It would make a cute
 sewing theme tote.
Happy Sewing.    


  1. Awesome - just purchased the pattern. Great idea with teh grommet :)

  2. Great ideas and love the options!

  3. I love the grommet, quite clever, although cats probably don't like that idea!

  4. Very cute and what a neat idea to use the grommet. :-)

  5. These are a wonderful idea and could be used for so many things. x

  6. i love grommets. great idea. you are awesome.

  7. Did you have to use a 18 inch zipper for the big pouch or can you get away with a smaller one?