Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Water, Sun & Sand!

We ran away to McCall 
for a long weekend.
And at the last minute,
college daughter got to come!
We camped. 
I have definite thoughts on
 playing house in the dirt. :)
I do enjoy
 camping food.
Had to try these fun smores.
They were pretty yummy.
But nothing
beats a real one.
My ultimate vacation is watching
 my little guy 
play in the sand.
(yeah, I should just buy a sandbox.)
I love it. 
I love how he loves it.
This trip he was a little obsessed with
 getting buried as
 often as possible.
What are your thoughts
on camping?


  1. I love camping, as long as I have a bed, lol.
    We have a tent camper, so camping with beds off the ground.
    I love sitting around the fire at night and being in a place where i can just relax and swim or walk and not worry about driving all over the place.


  2. I can't stand it! When I was young ::sigh:: we camped with a tent a lot. But I was always the one making all the food, loading the car, and setting up the tent! Give me a nice hotel and I'm happy!

  3. It looks like such fun, but I prefer carpet and a bed. It's the bugs that might crawl on me in the night that make camping no fun at all. :0)

  4. We love camping in our pop up & travel trailer. I need to be able to get out of bed off the ground. We are headed to Charlotte (AQS Show on Wed) & Myrtle Beach next week! Super excited! We love going to the ocean & camping just adds to the fun!

  5. It looks like you had a great time -- how cute are those buried in the sand shots? I LOVE to camp -- haven't been lucky enough to do it in years, but there's nothing like dinner over the campfire!!!

  6. Camping is any place away from home that doesn't have room service and a mint on the pillow.

  7. I am a lover of camping..I love the smells best....dampness get to me at times..but there is nothing like cooking breakfast on an open fire....love your pics...

  8. The packing / unpacking really gets to me. I prefer my duvet to a sleeping bag, I get tangeled up in my sleeping bad. I hate blow up mattresses, they are so cold!
    But, as long as I have good coffee in the morning, I can cope!

  9. We love to camp! With my husband's schedule we have not gone for a while. We lived in McCall for 9 years. It sure is a beautiful place. I miss it!! Looks like your family had a great time.

  10. I love the pics of your little one playing in the sand! I used to love being buried like that too. He looks very happy. I haven't done a lot of camping. We bought a camper trailer tent last year. I really enjoyed our stays in it, but I like to stay in places like caravan parks where I can have a shower and use a proper toilet!