Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Easiest Carnival Game Ever!

I had to come up with a game
for today's Cub Scout Carnival
and this idea was a winner!
This is an unused emergency potty seat.
Put it on a 5 gallon bucket
 and you're almost done.
Get some toilet paper cores
with a little bit left on them,
put clear packing tape on 
so they are easy to handle
and don't unravel.
Our rolls flew into a couple of puddles,
it just added to the
gross factor of the game.
It was great.
It's harder than it looks
because the rolls are
So I had a brilliant thought late last night.
I'll give a tootsie roll for each one they get in.
They got 6 tries each.
Most kids only got 1 in.
They came to the booth a few times.
As I gave them the prize,
I said, "Here's your Tootise Roll Poop.  Enjoy!"
They would look at me and
 then it would sink in what I just said.
It was pretty funny.
Potty humor.
Boys love it.



  1. Very clever and cute! Everybody loves a little potty humor. :)

  2. Great idea, especially for boys!

  3. :) oh my I KNEW it! My first thought after your text was: could she be at a cub scout day camp! whew, I have ESP. Bring it to the retreat! only I want better chocolate. I am good at basketball! :) or perhaps, could I borrow it for Primary Singing Time???? j.k.

  4. You truly are channeling your inner cub scout leader. wow. You're totally psyching yourself up for these next years of 'boys only'. Love it!!!!

  5. oh my you are too funny..now I wish I had known of this years ago when i had a brew of boys who thought these were great walky talky, string everywhere lol
    love the potty humour

  6. Sooo cute. I hope you pulled those tootsie roll candies out of the toilet bowl for the boys. (Can you tell I raised four of them?)

    1. Oh, that would have been perfect & disgusting. They would have loved it. Good idea!

  7. Oh my gosh! This is the coolest game for boys...I love this idea!

  8. As the wife of a plumber, this would be the best carnival game ever!! lol I'll have to share this with him. We may need to make this for the 4 H carnival next year...

  9. You're toooo funny -- that's perfect!!!

  10. LOL! My teen boys got a kick out of this!

  11. I pinned this! I couldn't resist!

  12. This is so clever and bathroom humor with that age group of boys, say no more!

  13. Oh I love this. I'm going to save this idea. I'm sure it will come in handy in the future.