Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Craft Taffy Retreat 2014 - Part 2

Our 1st Session
Retreat Gals
got to sewing dolls, quilts...

they were laughing, knitting,
crocheting, reading...
And cooking.
Lots of cooking by Des.
She had her "work" music
up loud for all
to "enjoy".


As you complete
 a quilt top, 
you hang it on the bannister.


After all that sewing,
we needed to relax.
Eva came and gave
us chair massages.  
Here's Kathy H and I letting the tension go.  
Thank you Eva!
More to come.



  1. Cute, cute dolls and beautiful quilt tops...looks like fun!

  2. It definately looks like a good time was had by all! LOVE those dolls!

  3. The music was great and as I recall, most of us were singing along. So much fun.

  4. How fun....and so much got accomplished too!!!

  5. The dolls are adorable. So many pretty quilts that were finished. Looks like everyone had a blast.

  6. LOVE those dolls!.......where is the pattern I have 5 New granddaughters and I want to teach them to be super HEROS.......

    1. The pattern is here: : http://crafts.tutsplus.com/tutorials/create-your-own-superhero-soft-toy--craft-17660 Have fun!

  7. I LOVE that pinwheels quilt with the negative space! Gorgeous!

  8. Yes, the music was great, tell Des I said that, because I feel bad that I asked her to get us some new music...I only did that because someone else said to...:l
    Everything was great! Soooo fun reading these posts! and seeing the pics. Thanks for Andee for commenting on our pinwheels quilt. It was Nancy's idea!(she's my daughter)

  9. I'm missing Eva the most ;). jk

  10. It looks like you all had such a great time. Sewing, creating, and laughing.:)