Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Prepping for The Great Outdoors

My girls grew up
and left,
now it's just me and boys.
I am trying
to embrace
The transition isn't going real well.
I think having
 camp quilts would help my enthusiasm.
When I saw Lori Holt's Vintage Camping pattern,
I knew it was for me!
But my camper needed to be pulled
by a pickup.
So.... here it is. 
If you'd like a pieced truck pattern,
here is my attempt at sharing.
No guarantees.
If you'd like a pattern for this quilt check here or
for a kit, contact me.

I'm so happy it's done. 
Snuggy warm Sidewalks flannel
on the back.
Been testing it out in front of the TV.
I'll just lay in the camper
and try not to think about
bears and
 whether people have
 washed their hands.

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Red & White Giveaway Day!

Are you thinking of
Valentine's Day yet?
I am.
I was thinking about it all of December.
I am planning a little
craft party!
As of yesterday, our Target
did not have all of it's Valentine stuff out.
I was at another store that had Easter displays.
But first things first.
Let's feel the love for February.
The giveaway today is
A Kona White charm pack
and half yard of Hearts - Remix.
Both of which are in the shop.
To enter the giveaway,
tell me something you love.
Update:  Congrats to Ali!
You are the winner!
I'll go first,
I love planning things!
I do.
It makes me happy.
Next up is my V-day party,
then onto the Craft Taffy Retreat!
We'd love to have you join us.

Random drawing Friday night.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's a Small World After All

Happy New Year!
Yeah, I'm only 2 weeks late.
How is it going?
I'm still writing 14 on everything.
We ran away to
Southern California
last week.
80 degrees.
I really didn't think it was going to be that hot.
I packed one short sleeved shirt
for me and for my son.
Got a little toasty.
It was beautiful.
Warm and beautiful.
Then onto
It was the last official day of
Christmas activities and d├ęcor.
The Christmas carols were probably
 a little more magical in December. 

Loved every minute.
I think he did too.
Here's to the
new year!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Here Kitty Kitty

 I'm in a Kitten Making Mood.
AND I don't even like cats! 

But they're so cute in fabric. 
No hairballs. 
No rubbing against your leg. 
Just a soft pretend purr is all I need. 

She just needs a face and she's ready to play.
Kitten Pattern here:  Violet
Pillow Pattern Next! 

 Come make cats or sew quilts 
or enjoy new friends!

Monday, January 5, 2015

New Year - New Retreat 2015

 If one of your New Year resolutions for 2015 is to have fun at a Quilting Retreat
....then do it!

If one of your resolutions 
is to make new friends
....then do it!

If one of your resolutions is to
finally make a
 Lone Star Quilt.....
then do it! 

If one of your resolutions is to travel to Idaho....
then do it! 

Say it with me.......DO IT!!  

This year's Craft Taffy Retreat is
Starry Starry Night. 

What's included?
****3 nights Lodging in beautiful McCall Idaho
****Includes 2 meals a day plus snacks 
****A Lone Star Quilt Class from Kathy Olkowski

2 Sessions for September
First Come, First Serve

We'd love to help you meet some of your 
New Year Resolutions!!
See the site, Craft Taffy, for all the info.