Monday, February 9, 2015

Let's Craft!

Are you ready for
a Crafty Meet Up?
This time of year some days
are dull
So let's do something!
And as long as we're having
one party,
why not do
Crafted with ladies
that live around here
and then farther away friends.
We made little treat hearts
for our families.
Glitterized some valentines,
After trying every glitter glue in town,
I decided I liked nail polish the best to
sparkle up the postcards.
Then we made some
To mail or give.
Tuck some treats
inside and
send to a loved one.
Had a little royal icing demo.
I love to make
these cookies every year.
Everyone went home
with some sticky hearts
to surprise their loved one.
Put one on their toothbrush, the milk jug,
just in unexpected places.
These gals are the best.
Didn't get a group pic of the Friday girls :(.
I was busy holding a sweet baby.
And of course we had treats.
Thank you Shannon!
We've talked for a couple of years about having
a crafty party,
and finally did it!


  1. Nice recap, great pictures. Thanks.

  2. Love this party idea! Thanks for sharing with us! Oh and Kennedy can't wait for her package- we checked the mail today, and will likely check it everyday until V-day!

  3. Those cookies are soooo cute. Are you going to teach me? I love them. I love the whole party. Will you throw another one when I get there?? :)

  4. Sure. If you spend the night, we'll do cookies :).

  5. WOW - that's a party! I love the fringe scissors! Wish I could have been there - you're amazing!