Monday, February 2, 2015

Squares As Far As the Eye Can See

I'm just a little picky
when laying them out.
I like random.
So I wanted to try
It is a fusible web,
also used for watercolor and bargello quilts
to make placement easy.
It is easy. 
Just cut 2" squares
and iron on.
Then sew all of the vertical seams
and then all of the horizontal ones.
Haven't sewn my horizontals yet,
I needed a break.
During my break,
I cut more fabric. :)
I like variety,
a little Denyse Schmidt with Ann Kelle
with Pam Kitty Morning.
I cut some extra.
There are a few precuts in the shop.
5" and 10" squares
2" and 2.5" jelly rolls
Break is over.
Back to it!


  1. Ohmygosh -- that quilt looks fantastic! (And I was reading along thinking -- those look more like rectangles than squares -- LOL -- thanks for clearing that up!) Does that square stuff wash out or do you have to tear it out?

    1. You can cut it out or leave it in. I'll be leaving it in. It'll be a nice weight.

  2. I've used the grid before (cutting all! those! squares!) but I made a mistake... I had the wrong foot on my machine when I started sewing the rows together. Of course I couldn't switch mid-stream, so I continued with the larger seam finished squares ended up being just about the size of my bobbin. Ack!

    The quilt was (is) a joyous explosion of colour and I love it. But there's a REASON it's called The Insanity Quilt! :-)

    1. Smaller squares would be even cuter. :) I've made a few postage stamp quilts but never used this method. So far I like it.

  3. wow - I love that! I have ice cream buckets FULL of 2" squares! Guess I'll have to get me some fuzable grid. Thanks for the great post!

  4. I love these colors and fabrics!! This would be a cute pillow too.