Thursday, March 19, 2015

I Love a Good Hot Pad

On my trip to the Vintage White Market
I snagged more of these woven hot pads. 

I bought some last year and they have 
brought me joy each and every meal. 

When I went to the show this year, 
there was that darling "Vintage Fern" 
selling her wares. 
Fell in love immediately with the new colors. 

Corrie Dawn, you can take "Hot Pads" off of my Birthday/Christmas list.  
I have my Mickeys and now SIX loomed ones. 

You'd think I was feeding a small country.
But my motto is,
"You can Never Have too Many Hot Pads.

And I picked up a little something, something for Corrie's birthday but I'll have to disguise it. 
Please remind me that I have it, though. 

A few spots left for our 2015 Retreat!
We'd love to have you!


  1. Those are lovely, Des! I wonder if I could make some?

  2. Are these made with cotton fabric strips or the tradition stretchy things?

  3. The woven potholders look like the ones we used to make on a loom when we were kids...they were really thick and worked well. Thanks for sharing. Love the Mickey hotpads too!

  4. I know!! I’m sure she’s made them on a loom. I could only find a plastic loom at Michaels w/ t-shirty loops with it. They turned out really small.
    I need to get brave and try it with cotton. I’m sure I’d have to sew them all into loops. Ugh.

  5. Are those cotton? They look so durable.