Thursday, March 26, 2015

Peeps for All

I'm really not a Peep lover,
but I love these
and want to give them to the world.
Made some for my quilt group last week,
my friends, and everyone else
I can think of.
"Honey, wouldn't your
 bus driver like a Peep?
How about the mail lady?"
  I do enjoy a
super easy
super cute
Would be fun to make with kids!
These have been dipped in
melted chocolate on the back and sprinkled.
All you need is:
-chocolate melts
-3"x4" poly bags
-bakers twine or floss 
Made another batch today,
they are just waiting to be bagged. 
Do you prefer
pink or yellow?
I adore the Yellows.
I like the Peep on the right,
it looks like she has eyelashes.


  1. Happy Easter to you too. I am totally unprepared for it, Time has speeded up, and I am not catching up. Two Easter eggs needed for grandsons, and two family birthdays. I give up! xxxx

  2. I love Peeps......very cute idea.

  3. Oooh, those are super cute! I'm thinking the girls at work might need some -- thanks for the fun idea!!!

  4. Corrie, thank you so much for sharing, these are awesome!

  5. Now you really must move closer to Montana so I can partake of these adorable peeps. The yellow ones are my favs!

  6. happy easter know I had never had a peep until just a couple of years ago....they are pretty awesome how you improve on them