Monday, March 2, 2015

Staging Tips

Last summer,
 we attempted to sell our house.
It didn't sell.
So we're getting ready to try again.
I DECLUTTERED the place last year,
so there's not much left.
But I got these 2 gals for Christmas,
and they've been keeping me company.
My realtor's stager sent me diagrams
of everything to change. 
Snow White and Cinderella got the axe.
You mean, prospective buyers
wouldn't enjoy
Disney Princesses with large heads?
I was already planning on taking them down. :)
I was advised,
"Nothing can
Pac Man and my
Fisher Price vignette
has to go.
Lady Liberty gets to stay?
I hope buyers don't eat my m&m's.
The stager was probably stressed about my décor.
"Why does this woman have
 bright plastic toys all over?"
Getting ready for the photographer to come today.
"Lemonade on the island
makes people think of summer
and dining outdoors."
Harry got home and started helping himself.
I told him there wasn't any sugar in it. 
I should have let him drink it.
Here's my
rolled towel attempt
in the bathroom.
"Towels soften a room."
I wonder if she
considers necklaces and
keychains as
I think a Disney fan
would feel right at home here.
Now there's
really going to be
nothing left.
P.S. We don't know where we're moving,
because if our located on a quiet lane, with country views,
non-Disney, super awesome house doesn't sell,
we're not. :)


  1. I prefer a house that looks lived in. When I was house hunting and saw "perfect" homes, I thought -well I can't live here.

  2. I too prefer a house to look lived in. When we found our house, the people still lived here. Furniture and what nots. But the thing that blew me away was the pictures of cats in EVERY single room!! Okay so I'm not a cat person, but we still loved the house and bought it anyway :-)

  3. I kind of like those big headed beauties, but we both know I obviously don't know how to sell a house. LOL The lemonade is a nice touch! Good luck this time!

  4. Good luck with the selling. It is always so stressful.

  5. I think your "danglers" should stay....yes, keychains & necklaces are danglers. But, if you stage it just right and you sell you home you could always move to Montana - closer to ME!

  6. When God feels it is right, it will happen for you - Disney or not! And if you move close to Kathy, I may have to consider that location for my retirement (when ever that is going to happen!!!)

  7. Two years ago our house was for sell. The first realtor came in and had me take down all my quilts and a good portion of my paintings, remove most of my knick knacks, etc. In other words, he sucked the personality right out of the house. When the end of the very long six months that he lasted was over, I put almost everything back and got a new realtor. It sold in two weeks and the lady who bought it was coveting my quilts big time. I know the current wisdom is depersonalize, depersonalize, depersonalize, but some people need to be shown the possibilities. Good luck on selling your house!

  8. It always amazes me that potential buyers can't see past what the homeowners have in their house and picture it with their own things in there. We had a realtor tell us we should get rid of the blue curtains in our bedroom because people don't like blue. First I ever heard that and it was not like we had blue carpet in there that would be expensive to change. We didn't use that realtor and in fact are still in the house because we decided not to sell.

  9. Interesting. We'll be selling a house in a couple months but it will be completely empty.

  10. I think that type of aggressive staging makes you home a house. People are looking for a home, not a house.

    My tip? Put a saucer with vanilla essence in the oven on a low heat, it smells like you've just baked. Maybe fresh coffee too? They'll be queueing up to buy!

  11. Oh! Towels soften a room: you had them in the loung, the dining room, your craft room.... ;-))

  12. Ooooh, how stressful! I've never understood this whole staging thing that's going on at the moment. Seems like a fad -- maybe developed to help the country out of the housing slump. I'm just old school -- and also, it would take too many storage units to stage my house LOL!!!

  13. good luck. we went thru this last year...i all honesty, i think the staging helped sell our house! and make me double think all my decorating/non decorating techniques!!

  14. Also bake cookies. We all want the staged house, but we have kids and tight schedules and lots and lots of laundry. My house has dangling stuff too! Sending wishes for a speedy sell and a wonderful new house for yoU!