Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Patience is Not my Virtue

What does summer bring?
-Bored Kids-
-Kids who want to run a sewing machine.-
It sounded like such a good idea in February -
"Yes, we'll make a Pokémon quilt this summer. Yes."
I sort of sold all the Pokémon fabric,
thinking of course,
I can get more.
  I can't get more :(.
We settled on Playball by Riley Blake.
I cut 6" squares for him.
It's not that I don't love kids sewing.
I just don't love teaching my own kids sewing.
You've been here, right?
The project is ready. 
The child is attentive for an hour
and then it gets too hard.
And then the project sits.
But... today was different.
This boy has perseverance.
He just sewed ALL of these rows
in a looong afternoon.
He didn't want to stop.
I've never had it go like this before.
He really can sew by himself.
He learned all about unpicking
and ironing. 
I did the pinning, babying the machine
and cheering him on.
And just like that, the top is done.
I'm still impressed.
We can check this off
the summer list!
I'm off to machine quilt this
which I've never done.
And will probably be whining and
saying "this is too hard" after an hour. 


  1. Love his quilt!!!! he did a great job!

  2. Great quilt, he must be so proud.

  3. Great fabric and such an accomplishment. Kudos!

  4. Isn't it fantastic to have them go through to the finish! What a great job!! It's taken forever, but my kids are almost done with a quilt each. Just waiting for my daughter to be ready to finish the binding. I'm of your mind with regard to sewing with my kids. I was all for it at first and now I want to fend them off of my machine with a sword. It makes me feel absolutely rotten!

  5. :) He's cute. You DO have patience!

  6. Good for him! He did a great job. Now what will he want to do for an encore?

    1. I think he should make a pixelly Minecraft quilt. :)

  7. What a wonderful accomplishment!

  8. Tell him he did a great job, and I am impressed with his talent for quilting! I love the smile on his face and that cocky pose of the quilt up against the wall. 8-) And, mom, you showed a great amount of patience.

  9. Awww, look at that sweet little smile -- that makes it all worth it! It's Beautiful!!! Great Job Lil' Quilttaffy!!! ;-D

  10. This is so awesome! He did a great job and you're an excellent teacher :-)

  11. Love it! Sweet quilt. He did a fabulous job! Yay!

  12. Way to persevere! It looks fabulous.

  13. Look at that smile at a job well done! Nothing can replace that sense of accomplishment!

  14. Now what's he going to do the rest of the summer???!! super cute quilt!

  15. I am very impressed! This kid is awesome!

  16. That is so cool!! Why doesn't HE quilt it?? I really can't believe that you haven't quilted yourelf by now. Are you going to do it on your domestic or on a longarm??

    1. Because I want this done! And it was a great excuse to try my friend's new longarm. It's the first time I have tried it. I did a big stipple and some straight lines. I need lots of practice.

  17. What a cute, cute post - and a very cute kids sewing day! My boys actually loved using the sewing machine! Long-arm machines are WAY fun!

  18. Wow, good for him, great job!

  19. Will be a treasured quilt for years to come. You can do it on the quilting. Just remember, go slow around circles, don't tense up and BREATHE!. You will be fine.