Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Starry Starry Night Retreat - Part 4 - The End

At the Starry Starry Night
we had an amazing
guest teacher
who taught...  

Kathy and the retreaters 
just got right to it.
They started with 2.5" strips
or jelly rolls.

We had diamonds

They sewed away and
here is what they ended up with - 
Here is Brenda's...
You can do a planned pattern
or totally scrappy.
Lynette's is planned on the left and
Shelto's is scrappy.

Same fabric line, but they look so different.

This sweet one is for Nancy's baby-to-be.
Made by her and her mom, Diane.

Paula's star with that
pretty green background.

Shauna's in progress.


Ramona did this planned
one from a jelly roll.

Worked out great!

This is LeAnn's in progress.

Cute Christmas line -

Gwyn's stunning roses.

Jojo's Color Theory Star.
This was made with one jelly roll.

They were amazing.
I was wishing I had taken the class.


But I have this one that
Kathy made!
True Love!

I think Kathy and I were competing on
who could take the most pictures.

Kathy did a much better write up 
about these on her blog.
And did a great retreat report.
Kathy, it was so nice having 
you there!
You're pretty awesome.

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  1. Looks like you had such a fun retreat and those quilts look amazing!

  2. You ladies are both awesome and I figured if I was ever going to tackle a lone star, that was the time to do it while I had the expert there. Can't wait for next year and I am half finished with a quilt from the Fresh Cut jelly roll I picked up there, but had to take a time out for some costume making!

  3. Beautiful star quilts and yes that was the best way to learn...from Kathy...dear Kathy! Thanks!

  4. I had the time of my life! Thank you, Corrie & Des, for asking me to teach. Couldn't have done it without awesome & amazing students - you all NAILED it! Such pretty, pretty stars. I'm so proud of you all. xxoo

  5. I saw Kathy's write-up but it was nice to see the tops again as they are all so pretty!

  6. They''re all so beautiful! It's fun to see the scrappy versions -- something you don't see as often. I'd say your retreats this year were a HUGE success!!!