Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Time flies...
Last year, we built a house.
My husband was the general contractor and
he did so well.
He's a good communicator, and
he made what was supposed to happen,

Most days, I wanted to pull my hair out.
Sooo, I didn't blog about
any of it.

We moved in
the week of Christmas. 

(MaryAnn, these pics are for you!)

Here's our before picture.

And after.

Welcome to our brief tour...
My antique doors
that I adore had
to come with us.

Boys' Bath
Son's Room

Powder Bath

My room

Family Room

And my favorite room...
the kitchen.

Especially love my sink!

And there you have it.

There are a few rooms you didn't see...
still working on the dining area,
 office, other son's room, etc...
didn't feel like making my
closet picture ready. :)

We're so happy to be here,
and looking forward to summer.
Our current project
is sprinklers...
someday we'll
have grass!
It's good to be home.


  1. My favorite part are the sliding barn doors. That's on my bucket list (to have sliding barn doors). Your home is beautiful.

  2. I LOVE that sliding barn door! And all your touches of red. I could just come live in your kitchen and be happy. So lovely. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You both did such a good job!!! yeah, you didn't show MY room. Get it ready, please. :)

  4. Very nice! It will get done in time. We have done it five times and it is nice to have a home that fits better than an "off the shelf" model but it is hard starting over each time. Landscaping is tough for us since we have brown thumbs. On house number 4 we had a professional landscape plan drawn up and it was money well spent. We still did the install but, 15 years later, it still looks great when we drive by. I wish you many happy years in your home!

  5. I love your kitchen cabinets! So glad you are settled in now it looks lovely.

  6. It's lovely! Love the lighted upper cabinets and the subway tiles!

  7. Beautiful Corrie! I love all your details and the red in the kitchen is awesome. Love the barn door and your antique doors!

  8. Mmmm looks great! so glad to finally see some of it :)

  9. Are we going to BR on the 31st together???

  10. I love your kitchen especially those cabinets!

  11. Your new home is wonderful, love the design of the house and how you did everything inside.


  12. It is beautiful. I know the end result was worth all of the headaches along the way.

  13. Oh my. Thanks so much for the pics. Love the house and all the fun doors and that kitchen......so fun and pretty. Love your lit up dishes and how clean it is. I love your view and your deck. It just looks like home. Great job Munsons.

  14. It's beautiful Corrie! It looks like you're getting all settled in. I love all the beautiful doors too!

  15. ohhh my it is as beautiful as I expected..and your kitchen...all that white and red...sooo perfect...

  16. Such a beautiful home! I'm so glad you finally got to move in.