Monday, February 27, 2017

Jumbo Sized

Sometimes I want to
try something new.
A gal brought this darling PETITE bag
 to quilt group (pic below).
It just stood up so straight and tall
 and was just a fun little size.
I totally wanted to make one.
She got me started on it - 
but then I had to go home. :(
The pattern is the Freeport Gatherer.
Good directions and there's a video online
that I watched 6 times.
Calls for Duet-Fuse-II fusible batting.
Worked great. 
Pattern and batting are in the shop
because I want to make more.
Well...I sewed and I sewed
and my petite little bag
turned out
jumbo size.
I probably should have counted
her strips, measured and perhaps
looked at the picture on the pattern.
But I love it.
It is a great size.
Pattern tells you exactly how to
make the handles,
no big deal.
Love my Minny Muu polar bears.
Perfect project for left over jelly roll strips.
This basket took half a jelly roll
and one bag of batting.
Looking forward to
paying closer attention
and trying again!



  1. It is a lovely bag! You can carry "little guy" around in it! :)

  2. I love this!!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention! Haha! You might have to get a small dog to carry around in it!

  3. That is awesome - even jumbo sized. It will hold a ton - all the better.

  4. What a great bag!! I would love to have one for my current crochet project!! it is really pretty too. Take care from Iowa

  5. What an awesome bag!!! People pay a lot of money for a bag not even half as cute as yours :)

  6. I love your bag! It would make the cutest summer tote! And wouldn't the smaller size be great as a gift bag for a friend? I'm thinking I could fill it with nail polishes & fun girly stuff, & the whole shebang would be the gift. Ok I'm clicking over to buy the pattern now...

  7. Here's a link to the how-to video

  8. I like your bag even better. Such a happy bag.