Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Goldilocks and the Three Bears Softies

"Someone's Been Sleeping
 in My Bed
and she's still there!"
Once Upon a Time,
Des and I got together to make
Goldilocks and the Three Bears.
"That chair is not big enough for
the both of us."
We combined two of Wee Wonderfuls patterns to
create a sweet keepsake,
for our grandkids.
(Actually mine is more for me
because I ADORE the Goldilocks fabric.
Get it while you can!)
We made the "The Sleepover Pals"
sleeping bag pattern 
and "Little Miss Storybook" doll pattern
(shrunk the doll pattern by half).
And Des made this adorable bear pattern. 
She makes them for gifts and
for the Humanitarian Center.
Great way to use up your minkee scraps.
They are soooo soft.
The Sleeping Bag wraps up
to hold them.
Check out her corduroy boots.

I put the Three Bears on her apron.
Or perhaps they look like Mickey Mouse,
I'm good either way. :)

My Goldi looked a little stern,
so I added a smile and
the puffed sleeves.
And she lived
Happily Ever After.



  1. What!? So nice to see your blog post pop up on FB! What a super cute project:)

  2. That is just precious. It would make such a great gift.

  3. Super adorable and takes me back to things my Granda sewed. <3