Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Meet My Small Friends

I needed a great excuse to drop
everything and make these!

So when Carol of Just Let Me Quilt
mentioned a "small" blog hop - I was in!

And these animal friends are definitely small.
This sweet little pattern is from Gingermelon.

This is Kitty made
with Essex linen.

She looks a little concerned that I
used my coveted Wizard of Oz on her.

But only the best for Kitty Kat.

First time using safety eyes.
Did a little test first.

By putting a piece of batting between the eye and the linen,
 I think the metal back isn't as noticeable on the front.

Below - eye with batting is on the right;
 you can see a faint indentation around the left eye.

Here are my favorite tools to use.
Love my stuffing fork
They cut felt and fabric 'perfectly'.

Meet Bun Bun with her
stuffed little nose and rosy cheeks.

Red Riding Hood, we see you.

I don't use my hoarded linen enough,
 so I decided to cut into it again and make
a little monkey tote for our legos.
Legos are small. :)

Our Star Wars friends
needed their own space.

Thanks Carol for the perfect excuse to
slow down and make a fun project.

Today is my day on the hop, please be sure
to visit these bloggers and see their tiny treasures!
March 6
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  1. Well done. Kitty is so cute. I love the tip of putting a piece of batting in when you use safety eyes. I will try to remember that next time.

  2. I love softies, and i'll check out this pattern. Those are real cuties.

  3. These are adorable, thank you for the tip about the batting for the eye. x

  4. Great small projects! The tote is really nice.

  5. Corrie....these pieces are fantastic!! Love the little people!

  6. Love your bag and those little stuffies, perfectly beautiful projects!

  7. Those are the sweetest little Stufflings! I didn't know there were safety eyes, but what a great idea for something that will end up in the hands of children. I love the clear view of the Legos in your adorable bag. With lots of Lego players in my life, that bag is a perfect solution to storing all the parts. Thanks for hopping with us and for sharing your cute, cute projects!

  8. Great projects. The kitty and bunny are just so cute and I love the lego bag. My grandson has two tubs of Lego and adding all the time! Maybe he needs some sorting bags?????

  9. I love the eyes and your tip for batting. Thank you! Your little stuffies are so full of detail and your bag is perfection. Beautiful small projects, all of them.

  10. Those are so cute, Corrie. I have not heard of those eyes, but will have to keep my eye open for them. Thanks for the batting tip. The little bag is so sweet too. It's great to see what is inside.

  11. Oh my gosh those are soooo cute!

  12. Oh, so lovely! And such a useful and pretty bag! I love linen very much too.

  13. Oh, Corrie, how cute are your little stuffies! Especially with your precious hoarded linens - just perfect. I've never tried or even heard of a stuffing fork, wouldn't that be handy! Such fun and adorable projects - cuteness overload.

  14. Cute critters and great bag! I've never seen thru plastic.

  15. Such a fun post... very creative!

  16. Very cute little animals. And I love the little tote.

  17. Love your small friends, so sweet. The vinyl on the front of the little tote is a terrific idea.

  18. These two little friends look like they will be life-long buddies! I smiled through the photos at their cuteness! A Lego bag is a wonderful idea too!

  19. So cute and small. I, too, hoard my linen. It's just so hard to use it. What a great little tote with the see-through front.

  20. Beautiful, sweet and so creative. Your dolls remind me that something homemade is never the same as a store bought doll. There is just something about linen that elevates a project! No wonder it's a classic! I love the lego bag but seriously, we would need a suitcase for all the ones stored in our toy closet! Thanks so much for sharing your lovely small creations.

  21. Very cute projects! The tote with the vinyl front is perfect. I don't use vinyl enough. Do you have any tricks and tips for sewing with it?

  22. Those are some pretty cute little stuffies, and I really love that Star Wars tote. I might have to make one of them. Such a cute idea!!

  23. Such cuteness - love your projects!


  24. these will be so loved. Children are so drawn to this type of doll. Yours are adorable.

  25. Sew Cute and I love the idea of the fleece between the snap.

  26. What fun projects! Thanks for sharing.

  27. Very, Very Cute! I love that little bag with the window -- how perfect for Legos! (Also, this doesn't look like a small blog hop LOLOL!)

  28. I appreciate your tip on applying eye buttons. Wonderful. Like your on-line store as well.

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