Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Orange Ya Glad We're Almost Done

A little mish-mash of all the Retreat Leftovers. I promise that this will be the last.....until it's not. But really, it should be.

Kind of an ugly setting but I was in love with this orange minky. And it goes well with the joke, "Orange, ya glad???"

I didn't get shots of every kit. I just can't be Phyllis Photographer every minute.
I'm missing documentation on the darling scrapbooking kit. It's soooo stinkin' cute I don't even know where to begin. I'm at a complete loss. I don't know if I know how to cut paper. AND Karebear had a super cute towel for the kitchen with snap and everything. Maybe if we beg, she will do a little tutorial on HER blog!!!!
Beg, people Beg. It's cute!

This cute, little thread catcher/pincushion was from JimBob. It took me HOURS to make and then Leela whipped it out in 15 minutes. So I'm not sure what to say about THAT except that I'm sure my endless questions to JimBob were a help and support for Leela.

Stitch came up with this dish towel idea. She just slapped different widths of strips on each end of the toweling. Threw on some big chunky RicRac and washed it up to fray. It's now a favorite. We even used it in our Mamma Mia Workout!

Corrie Dawn also did a kit with this toweling as well. I love the embroidery and it makes a nice gift with bread or some fun antique kitchen utensils. I know.........don't you have some old utensils laying around?

As far as my grand attempts at accomplishing something.......I did manage 4 baskets

out of 30 and this quick "Fields of Flowers" quilt top for more hair color.

Then I had a little brainchild challenge everyone to Be a Good Human and make something for CHILDREN with their leftover scraps. Can you say "lead balloon"? 3 out of 9 felt compassion in their hearts for the downtrodden and less fortunate. Where's Michael Ann when you need her?

So for the children of third world countries, I have 1 elephant and 4 balls for you to enjoy. Maybe you can share. :)

I don't know about you and YOUR Quilt Retreats but ours are frought with danger.

Around every turn SOMETHING could injure you for life.
Bets found a way to break a toe.
(Leela's quilt just sets it off right. It's all about the styling.) On an ironing board of all things. Good thing Shelto and Karebear are our medical staff. Although, Karebear will only help if you're in labor and Shelto will NOT help you if you are in labor. Somehow, Bets was bandaged and on her way to a quick recovery.

Last but certainly NOT least. I just had to throw in one more video.
The gals thought I was taking a picture but I was secretly taping them.
Sooooo sneaky, am I. I've entitled this Rockstar Hmmmm.


  1. Ok you can add another elephant to the list, it is here, and complete, and ready to go, And you are exactly right if you go into labor at our quilt retreat look to Karen, otherwise I'm your woman, for broken toes, broken sweaters and an occasional veggie chop. later

  2. Have y'all figured out yet that Shelto is MY personal assistant and hero? After I changed my the tape splint on my toe for the first time after the retreat and saw the top of the toe move in a different direction than the bottom of the toe (yep, it was really broken), I briefly considered driving over to her house every day for the next 6 weeks so she could attend to me! It's healing nicely -- thank goodness for medical staff at retreat.

  3. Loved the retreat news and pictures. Yes, even the sneaky videos. How come there was no WORKOUT video to Mamma Mia?? THAT is what I have been waiting for! I am going to be watching Karebear's blog for her Christmas and Fall table runner tutorial and maybe she will post about the kitchen towel. Looks like you all had so much fun!!! Thanks for sharing.

  4. I love that thread holder and your baskets turned out great!! Whenever I read your posts you make me want to sew. If only my children would let me. ;) Looks like you all got tons done, broken toe and all!

  5. So next time you go on this retreat I am totally crashing your party!!! It looks like you guys had so much fun!!

  6. This was some retreat- broken toes, elephants, rock stars! Sheesh you guys did it all. Sounds like a circus retreat.

  7. ok. What is a minky. And where was the retreat? I am so jealous as that sounds like an absolute scream. What if Emma doesn't grow up to be a quilter or what if there are no quilters left. I heard you are in my native country and so I am wondering if you are going to call me. You had better.

  8. what fun. It is so nice that you share. I just love to hear all the excitement. I feel like I was there with you:)

  9. I was just wondering if you could tell me where to get that little ball pattern. I would love to make those for my little. She likes balls and I like all my stuff unbroken so those look like the perfect solution.
    p.s. i'm so glad we're blog friends as well as real friends!

  10. LOVE all the stuff that you ladies have shared with us. And am so glad you guys had such a great time!

  11. please-please-please Karebear show us how to do whatever you have. so i can have some more fun learning. thank you Stitch for that cute towel idea. and thank you Des for letting us see your happy quilt and "four" baskets.

  12. This looks like so much fun! I adore those baskets so much. I think the thread catcher is great too, and the towels and. . .oh heck - everything.

  13. That Field of Flowers is Cute! What pink fabric is that?

  14. That Field of Flowers is Cute! What pink fabric is that?

  15. I love you and all your friends! You retreat seemed to be fabulous! How wonderful! By the way, I am getting together with my best girlfriend for a crafting night and I am going to attempt making that oven mitt - I'll post a pic of it on my blog and let you know once it gets up there! Thank you!!!