Monday, November 3, 2008

Wooly Goodness ~ An Attitude for Life

Betsy Boo-Bop's
retreat kit was a colorful feast for the eyes.
I loved it. I adored it.
I took LOTS and LOTS of pictures of it.
So strap on your eyeglasses.
AND I plan on using a LOT of words to talk about it today.
Not so much the process but the end result which, frankly, I just can't get enough of. I want postcards and glossy movie posters of these beauties.
I know, you want a tutorial.
(Corrie churning away in the background)
Well, kids you'll just have to go to Google for that.
Simply google +"Felted Pin Cushion" +tutorial and you will see a myriad
of resources and ideas.
How can everyone BUT JimBob be so engrossed in the process?
JimBob appears to just be grossed out.

These photos are pre-embellishment. But mine will probably never see any embellishment because I love her just the way she is.

Can you possibly guess which one is mine?? I find it to be very representative of me and my vast braininess.

Bets contacted Debbie who has a fabulous etsy store, KnitTogether, selling beautiful hand dyed wool roving and other goodies.
She also has an ebay store as well. Debbie just whipped up all these stunning kits with instructions.
I think every Quilt Retreat in the Free World should be felting pin cushions.

It's a life lesson in bringing together raw materials to make something utilitarian. Kind of like inviting Judy to the retreat! :)

(She'll NEVER read this. She doesn't know how to turn on her computer!)

They started to take on a life of their own.

They wanted to stand out and be noticed. One even escaped from us.

Here's a little video entitled:
A Quilt Taffy Photo Shoot: Show Me Your Vision

A Quilter and Her Pajama Pants: Never 2 B Separated
You decide.


  1. Those are just well..... FABULOUS! I love how they all turned out!
    And I have to say my most favorite photo from your "Quilt Taffy Photo Shoot" is the close up on the rocks.
    And I'm think the Video name should be........

    A Quilter and Her Pajama Pants: Never 2 B Separated!!!!!!

    Why you ask? Because it just struck me as freaking funny this late at night. I laughed out loud!!

  2. what an interesting. & a super funny post. i suppose i'll Google if i have to.

  3. I looked for the kits for the pincushions but did not find them. Linda Gerig

  4. What a great way to start the day! Thanks for the giggle! I LOVE our little pin cushions on the wall! Best photo ever! Well, next to the rock star photo album!

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  6. Oh Desi! Amazing photos....

    Thanks for providing the links for Debbie's email, her Etsy store, and her eBay store. Anyone interested in a kit (with instructions!) can contact Debbie by email, Etsy convo, or eBay message. Desi provided the links on her post, but here's the email again --

    Debbie made the kits just for us, but definitely intends to start selling kits to everyone who wants one! Contact her! She'll be thrilled that people are interested in her pin cushion kits!

  7. I am made some wool pincushions. They are fun to make.

  8. Mine is the solid red one! Love it. I specifically have it in one spot & I keep finding it all over the house. Harry likes it too. It was fun to make -- thanks Betsy!

  9. I just love mine. I am definatly having a hard time deciding which one is staying at my house and which one is going to a friend who quilts. If I live with them for too long, they probably will both have to stay. Ha Ha

  10. great photo shoot des:) love the pin cushions:) they are my favorite:) you are having way to much fun and not getting any quilting done...

  11. ok I love those pajama pants!! once again a shower should have been in order but oh well to busy going into the ravine after pincushions to worry about being clean. Des next year you are in the ravine..