Friday, April 25, 2008

"How Many Charms Do I Need To Make a Twin Size Quilt?"

We receive so many requests for just a simple charm quilt. So it's your lucky day. I've put together a very basic recipe for a twin size and a queen size charm quilt with a simple border. If you're brand new to quilting and have not done piecework before, these charm quilts are a perfect place to start. However, this pattern is written assuming that you understand how to rotary cut and piece and press. If this is all new to you, I highly recommend Under their "how-to's" there is everything you need to know for the basics, including equipment and the proper way to prepare your fabric for cutting as well as how to hold a rotary cutter. As long as I'm touting them, they also have fantastic videos on a variety of techniques and ideas.

Check the Goodie Jar to the right for this free pattern. ~Des


  1. Ya'll are a so sweet! Have a great weekend! And I look forward to hearing who won!

  2. you work is beautiful
    blessings ~ Shell

  3. Hi, what would I spend money on? Anything in this store! Seriously though, probably more fabric to add to my stash!! thanks!

  4. Thank you! Just what I needed. :)