Thursday, June 26, 2008

To-Do's & Blakely's a Winner!

Well leave it to Cheryl to ask what my to-do list was. (You asked for Corrie's...we'll see if she chimes in) I NEVER do to-do lists. They depress me. Plus, I'm too stubborn to do what is on the list. I don't like anyone, even ME, telling me what to do. I know, stubborn. Here is a conglomerate of MY tasks for the day. The cute things are up front. And no, I did not have the raw chicken by my fabric. I finished up my blocks for the Summer Stash Challenge. Exciting!! Worked on the pattern I'm going to do with those.......Binding a quilt for a wedding while watching Bourne Identity. It's amazing how fast I can go when I'm watching that.......Marinated some Chicken for dinner tonight in my new Island Soyaki from Trader Joe's.......Karen inspired me to make a few Alphabet Friends. Darling!....Check out Karen's, she even has a video!.....IF I had a real to-d0 list.....these would have been on it: MOVE shoes from doorway, sweep and something with the bread dough creation that is growing in the fridge....and clean off the counter that son uses as his personal landing spot. But those last 3 weren't fun so I just stuck to the fun things for today.

I absolutely LOVED reading what you were doing today. Especially, for those of you who don't have blogs, it's kinda fun finding out what you're doing. Don't you think you need a blog?? Then you could spend hours of each day photographing and writing about your every move. I would love it! I would read it! We would get NOTHING done but at least we'd be more to-do lists. Just thinking about that next post......

Oh, the's #8 Blakely. Blakely, let Corrie know what line you choose and a mailing address and you'll receive your goodies in the mail! (Check the contact info. in the upper right hand corner) Thank you, Thank you everyone for commenting. It was truly fun to hear what you're up to. Hope Friday is as productive!

See you Next Thursday!~Des


  1. Hey Des! So sorry, for some reason I thought the TO DO LIST post was by Corrie, so I asked what her list was. DUH...yes I can read, but sometimes I don't read thoroughly. I like to-do lists (not that I make them that often). I like to cross things off of them. Sometimes I even add stuff to the list that I have already done just so I can cross them off. Yeah, I know.
    SOOOOOO funny that you mentioned BLOGS. While I was cutting my fabric squares I was thinking this VERY THING! I even went back downstairs to get the camera and took some know, just in case. I have NO IDEA how to start a blog, or how to make it pretty. Does it have to start out pretty or can I just jump in?? Do tell. :)
    Congrats Blakely!! What fabric are you going to get??? Enquiring minds want to know. ;)

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  3. I did it!! I saw your Blogger 101 link on the left hand side, that information was overwhelming! AY YI YI! I dont' wanna spend all day figuring this stuff out, I wanna keep it simple. So I followed the Blogger set-up and there you have it. We shall see.

  4. Let us know what collection you pick Blakely- and what you plan to do with it...
    I just popped over to your blog -I smock too! Just not very much anymore. Gotta run to work.........