Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Sewing Edge

Does your sewing machine top look like mine? Tape and more tape to mark all those places we want to line up so our sewing is accurate?? The tape stays on there forever because now I don't want all the sticky residue! Isn't it attractive??
Enter the Super Hero SEWING EDGE

I am so excited for this product! If you don't have a quarter inch foot on your machine - this is a great way to mark your quarter inch -- WITHOUT having to put tape on your machine.
This is also perfect for beginner friends that don't know what a quarter inch is, & they want to start sewing tonight! This is way better than tape.

Quick, easy, you just peel them off a strip & help them place it & they are good to go.

It also helps teens and children that may have a quarter inch foot, but this provides extra guidance.

We love the Sewing Edge from Alicia's Attic. It's a repositional vinyl stop. Those are big words for 'purple sticky thingy'. Need to do some quick piecing today? Just move the tape to meet a 1/4" seam. Top stitching a dress, handbag, pillowcase??

Just move the tape to your desired position. Oh....have a few squares that need to be made into triangles?? Just position the tape at the center needle mark and you will have perfect alignment without marking all of those squares!!

Just a helpful hint!
$4.95 at Quilt Taffy


  1. Why didn't I invent this? I have sticky stuff all over the place!

  2. I have to have this. NOT A WANT. This would make things so much easier with several of my projects including dear jane and snow ball things like my bird quilt. Gotta have it.

  3. Just broke my quarter inch foot can you believe it. The purple sticky stuff would really be helpful!

  4. I didn't realize it would help with the center lines on squares...now I think it is a necessity! I don't have sticky stuff on mine, I use a magnetic guide but it moves sometimes and it is right AT the needle level. I would like this to help line things up ahead of time. Also admiring your acrylic 'table' attached to your machine.

  5. What a great idea! I can't count the times that this would have made sewing a project sooo much easier. Thank you for giving us the heads up on this product. Can't wait to get it.