Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Riveting Posts Coming to a Blog Near You~Just not this blog

Corrie and I live 5 hours apart.
We've finally made the trek to Corrie's house. Heaven forbid SHE should venture to MY house. I naively thought that being together would really crank up the creative juices and we would have so many ideas for posts that it would keep us posting for weeks.

"What should we blog about?"

"I don't know, what do you want to blog about?"

"I don't know, what do YOU want to blog about?"

"Hey look, Uncle Mike is playing with the kids outside.....go grab the camera!"

Nothing says family-time like Aunt Desi sitting at the sewing machine.

"I'VE stimulated the economy," declares Corrie Dawn. All this for a 2 year old.

"We should ask a question so that maybe they won't notice how dumb this post is."

So how have you done your duty to the country and

stimulated the economy??

Please comment and give me something to read. Otherwise she's going to keep me at the sewing machine ALL DAY.

p.s. Don't worry, it gets better tomorrow. It's Thursday! FREE FABRIC GIVEAWAY.

~Corrie & Des


  1. How have I stimulated the economy? Well, I'm waiting on no less than 10 things to come in the mail. O.K. pick your jaw up off the floor...:). Only 3 are for me. The rest is for the house (which is STILL in the please fix me stage). But hey 3's a great number! That's more than I usually get! So Des, I know your kids are a little older, but I didn't know know Corrie had little youngin's. Know I know why you're swamped! Have fun girls!

  2. The plummer, the tile guys, the hot mop dude, Lowes, and especially George's Plumming supply store have all had a little boost in sales thanks to my "little" bathroom redo. The cat is not speaking to me, nor will he for weeks I'm sure. With all this waiting on workers, I have my third stash quilt finished!

  3. Oh, this post had me hanging til the very end!! LOL

    We stimulated the economy by paying off bills...not nearly as fun, but great peace of mind...

    Nice play yard, my grandkids would love it...

  4. We went to San Francisco for a week! Stayed at a nice hotel, traveled by plane (not car), went on 4 guided tours (cost times 4 people), and ate (again cost of a meal in San Francisco times 3 meals a day times 4 people). Both kids are teens with healthy appetites. Yeah, we stimulated the economy all right!

  5. well we did not receive a Stimulus check so just the same ol' same ol' here...groceries and gas (and maybe some fabric if no one is paying attention ;) )

  6. I am going to go stimulate the economy in a few minutes because I have finished a certain book, and must go get the next! :)

  7. How have I stimulated the economy? Well, mostly filling my car's gas tank up, but also purchasing some of all of the Ava Rose fabric line from you guys. Hmm, maybe I should do a little more stimulating. What new stuff you guys got coming up?

  8. I think that stimulust check stayed in my account for about 2 1/2 days before I went and blew it all having my eyes lasered. Though I'm certain now it's my most favorite (and maybe only?!) thing I've done for myself :)!

  9. i love your blog. I want to learn how to sew and it is definately on my to do list... I have to say that I have not been stimulating the economy lately, but I am having a give-a-way at my blog. You might like it...

    I wish you were close I would stimulate the economy by hiring you out for a sewing tutorial... LOL!