Monday, September 8, 2008

Helen & Ida

I've only got SEVEN more days and SEVENTEEN more friends to make for the finale of the Alphabet Friend Adventure.
Michael Ann has already kicked my patootie in finishing hers up.
Meet Helen and Ida.
Helen is named after my Aunt Helen.
Ida is for Idaho.
How poetic.
I'm thinking crocheting the rest of the 17 is not going to be very fast going. I'm going to have to kick into assembly line production. Where did the time go? I must have been enjoying my summer too much.

Pattern here. Love Amy Gaines. Pdf crochet patterns!

Fabric here. Yummy Farmer's Market and County Fair.



  1. Helen and Ida are beautiful! I so wish I could crochet after seeing all your cute creations! I'm so glad I got my Alpha Pals done early because I have NO time now that school has started. Hope everyone is doing well.

  2. They sure are cute! I figured you had all of yours done and just didn't show them to us for some reason. Get a move on girl!! :D So you have BOLTS of fabric at your place? I thought Corrie had it all. They sure make nice backgrounds for your Alphapets photos. :D I mean if you aren't going to use them for a quilt (or apron, or skirt or....)

  3. Just make sure when you get to "S" it is shelto the giraffe or turtle or what ever you decide love ya you are way more ambitious than I am!!!!!