Tuesday, September 9, 2008

It's Greek to Me

You might call it a Moral Dilemma....my kids have never seen The Lion King (I had issues w/ pre-meditated murder in a Disney movie). I haven't changed but somehow I can rationalize this. Since we've been obsessed & listening to Mamma Mia constantly, Des & I took the girls to Mamma Mia for Lizzie's birthday. She's the one in the wedding dress (above)(that's me next to her & Des is doing the disco move, the rest are my family & my dad, who only wishes he could lift his leg like that.) If you haven't seen it, don't take Des, she laughed constantly through the first half & kept grabbing Lizzie's leg. We danced, we sang -- loved it.
Fielding questions in the car on the way home, we said,
"People do strange things when they're in Greece.
Girls tying up men....it's Greek. Men dancing with men....it's Greek. Eyeball tattoos on your buttocks....it's Greek."
It got us through the awkward moments. The moral of this story is --
it was ABBA and no blood, no foul . ~Corrie


  1. Ok, that picture seriously has made my morning. :)
    Love you all!

  2. We can get you a lovely 8x10 glossy photo if you'd like. ;0) We're only here to serve......

  3. Now THAT is funny! I absolutely love the photoshoped picture. Thanks for the laugh!

  4. The picture is just Fabulous and your making me want to see the movie again. I mean come on I only saw it once. Yes, It's time!


  5. Too fun. I really need to see that movie.

  6. I would have left Pierce in the photo ;) But other than that. FUN!!

    I have 'issues' with seeing this movie too. It looks like fun but...

    So then my daughter (or son) goes to Greece and says 'well when in Greece, do as the Greek do'???

  7. ....When in Greece, remember all that your mother taught you and laugh at the rest.

  8. I think I will be dancing on tables and singing at our next quilt it should be fun. Corrie you will miss out I will be the dancing queen on the granit bar.. loved the picture!!

  9. I have to go see this movie. My Greek mother-in-law is crazy about it and she's seen it a couple of times and has the soundtrack.