Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I've Read Their Story....

........I've looked at every post and comment about her life.

I've watched the balloon videos. I saw her family on the Today Show. I re-read her posts. I check in to her sister's blog everyday, several times in case there is something new to report.

Today while I was cutting onions I decided that it was the perfect time to let it all out. (In case someone came to the door, and they always do, while I was crying I would have the excuse of the onions at the ready)

I sobbed.

I wondered what it would feel like to be her.

I imagined being without my children.

I envisioned 'what if it was my sister'?

I couldn't cry for too long. I have too much hope.

I believe the same things she does.

I find peace and comfort in my knowledge of Christ and what our purpose is here on earth.

I had never read Stephanie's blog before. Many have written of how she inspired them. Presently, her life and that of her family influence me now. Thank you.

Listed on Today's Creative Blog is my Pink Triangle Love Quilt.

Size: 60" x 72"

Machine pieced, machine quilted. It has a 100% cotton batt that gives the quilt the well-loved look when it shrinks up just a 'tich' after washing.
It will give you many years of warmth and comfort.

It's up for auction here.

Auction ends Thursday, Sept. 18 @ 5 pm Pacific.
I want to help pay for a bandage or two.

Many, many thanks to Kim for her efforts to organize and post all these wonderful donations. Be sure to check Today's Creative Blog each day, each hour. There are several new ones listed each day. Tis the season for Christmas shopping!

And what an excellent way to give back this Christmas.


  1. What a lovely donation! I have been following the story now too. I just can't imagine...

  2. Oh my gosh I never knew, I've spent the last hour reading Stephanie and her sisters blog. Having been a burn nurse for 12 years at the Intermountain Burn center in SLC I really understand what she is going through. My prayers are with her and her family and my heart breaks for them. They have such a road ahead of them.Thanks for your lovely and thoughtful donation. My God be with them.

  3. Wow. Now I've just spent an hour reading their blogs too. Thank you for telling me about them so I can pray.

    And letting it all out? I've been there. I recommend the shower, but chopping onions was a great idea.

    Now I'm off to Today's Creative Blog. I want to pay for some bandages too.

  4. That's such a sweet thing to do. It's a beautiful quilt. Wish I could afford to bid! I've been reading Stephanie's blog for awhile (since before the accident) and I can't imagine going through that either. I donated a few handmade things for the benefit auction over at Morgan's blog, "One More Moore", but nothing as nice as your quilt. You're such a sweet person! Thank you!

  5. Your quilt is as lovely as Stephanie and the rest of her family. I check their blog all the time and find myself thinking of them throughout the day. My prayers are with them.

  6. I've been following like you. Its important for everyone her story touches to do their part. Ditto.

  7. That quilt is just awesome and I think it is wonderful that you are helping out like you are, kuddos.