Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sleep Under the Stars ~ GiveawayWinner Chosen

UPDATE: Trish, #14 wins. Contact Corrie with your mailing address and let her know if you want the pattern or the panel. Congrats! See you all next Thursday!

Getting cooler outside.....time to move the camping 'party' inside. These two great items just in.

Child's Teepee & Sleeping Bag & Stuff Sack pattern by Maw-Bell Designs. The teepee measures 60" tall by 40" square. Sleeping bag is 30" x 65". Would be fun indoors or out.

For the lazy camper, (think...ME) Your tent is pre-printed on the material for you!!! You just do some cutting and draping. Cute and Easy.
Camping Tent Panel - the two panels together measure about 29.5" tall by 36" across. It's just the one panel, you add the sides, top & back.

To be entered in the giveaway for your choice of pattern OR panel,

Leave a comment.....let's make it easy..... How's the weather??

Is it camping weather still in your neck of the woods? Are you a camper?

I'm quite attracted to this indoor tent thing. I like climate control.

Random Drawing later tonight.

Outside the US entries will only be eligible for the Teepee Pattern.


  1. Hi! Love your blog...
    It is great camping weather here...nice and cool in the evenings but still warm during the day.
    I've only been camping once, but it was so much fun. We went with a lot of families, so it was great fun to watch all the kids playing together. My favorite part is roasting marshmallows!

  2. Tent Camping in Savannah, GA is not recommended at this time of year, unless of course you want to be carried off by mosquitos and be soaked to the skin due to HIGH humidity. It is still hot here, in the 90's. BACKYARD camping is highly recommended however, due to the close proximity of the house air kiddos would love that tent. Any sort of hidey-hole is an instant attraction and potential spot to take stolen loot (i.e. candy, my sewing scissors, pennies, the reluctant dog...).


  3. Oh my goodness - I LOVE the tee pee!!! My kids would go nuts if I made that for them lol!!! Camping indoors...hmmm that would excite my kids more than I can explain!!

  4. Well day time temps are perfect here in MO, but when we wake in the mornings it is in the upper 50's so that might be a bit chilly for the little ones. Indoor camping would be perfect.

    p.s. the teepee is so cool!!

  5. It is a liitle cool this AM but should warm up soon. It has been warm most of week after all our rain on weekend. Linda Gerig

  6. Too Cute! especially since I only like to camp at the holiday inn!!!

  7. The weather here is finally starting to cool off enough for camping, athough these would be the perfect things for three little boys to use for indoor camping!

  8. We were getting beautiful sunshine up until yesterday but it's definitely cooled off today. My kids would love their own sleeping bags for sleep-overs.

  9. I would take the tee pee, great idea about Christmas....the weather in Eastern Washington is lovely still, high 80's this week!

  10. This is PERFECT camping weather! Just wish they gave us a fall camping break from school or something! The Tipi pattern is darling. It would be a great gift!

  11. My grandkids would just LOVE this!

  12. OMG! Those are so super cool! Actually, Sara has been bugging about going camping! They would totally love this! And the weather here is beautiful! I owuld say 90% of the time it's beautiful. I'm very lucky to live in So Cal!

  13. We go camping ALL the time - this would be awesome for my girls! Can you believe it is 90 degrees here in Spokane for the second day in a row???? I decorated for fall will show up soon

  14. My little guy would love that tepee. It would be perfect for our deck. The weather here in North North Idaho is great right now for camping. It has been in the 80's the past few days.

  15. Hi, new to your blog this week & LOVE IT! Please enter me in the "Sleep Under the Stars Giveaway"! My blog pic is actually of me ON AN OUTDOOR CAMPING TRIP in Georgia! I love camping ! We are blessed to live in an area where camping is easy & prevalent! Low to mid 80's tomorrow for the high when our Vice President Mr. Cheney makes a visit! Lows in the lower 60's for the weekend. Perfect for camping!
    Please, Please enter ME in your GIVEAWAY!