Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Lost ~ A Tale of Woe

I put on my Nancy Drew hat.
I did my best Columbo shuffle.
I put my family through rigorous reenactments.
No one was leaving the crime scene until I had found my
I questioned their every motive.
Logic was the rule of the day.......
"Fabric Baskets don't just get up and walk away on their own"
I promised $$ to the innocent, and clemency to the guilty if they could just find my
fabric baskets!!!!!!!
Nowhere. Nada. Nothin'.
It was a common theme for my prayers morning and evening. After prayer, I had always found the misplaced keys, the tax check, the belt to the football pants, the tickets to the senior BBQ.
Apparently, I did not need these baskets. I could always make more.
After NOT finding them, I resolved that I had inadvertently thrown them away. I can't believe I did that! It was probably one of my kids. Although they never clean up so why would they have been using a garbage can??? Hmmm.

Once I was resolved to the fact that they were lying in a landfill, I started cutting out the materials for MORE. I re-read the instructions and slumped over to the sewing machine. I was so totally annoyed. I ALREADY MADE THESE ONCE!!!!
I dropped the material for the handles by my sewing machine table and low and behold.............THERE were my two baskets, MOCKING me from behind the closet door.
"OH, you're in so much trouble!", I blasted.
My fury was short lived.
I was so happy to have found them.
They were going to make a lovely home for these sewing kits.
And now they are off to their intended destinations. Surely, they will bring joy and happiness to my novice sewing friends and my suffering will not have been in vain!!
You were lost....but now you're found.


  1. Fun little story to follow along this morning. But I AM glad that you found the baskets. That is SO frustrating when you know...

  2. Well hot diggity dog! You Found them! Butter my butt and call me a biscuit! LOL. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was to read that last sentence! NO WAY. YEAH WAY. It's for real. Well, I'm just pleased as punch for you. ooxx`jod

  3. Thank you Jodi! I know....you lived through the woe with me!!!

  4. I am so glad you found your baskets...now what are you going to do with the ones that you have started now?

  5. Aww, I am glad you found the baskets! I loved reading that story.

  6. i lose stuff like that all the time. it is so embarrassing. especially when i need to finish up like you needed to. & really - what are going to do with the extra ones now.

  7. Oh Dang. I thought the end of the story was that you made 2 more and tomorrow you were going to offer that as a "popular repeat" giveaway. Its not like I don't have my own, but you know. Who can have too many cute baskets? Pouting now

  8. They are adorable. Perhaps one day i will get off my duff and make one. I am sure the ladies will enjoy them! :o)

  9. Nice to see that I am not the only one that has fabric with legs. I'm sure I pay extra for that kind of material. Glad to hear that you found them. Sure could use one though! Luv ya

  10. you should add the photos of your baskets to the pink penguins flickr group! After being reminded of how cute these baskets are I made a halloween one today after reading your blog, I am so glad I did, they really are easy peasy.....

  11. Mine is under my nose all the time, and well loved.