Thursday, September 4, 2008

Quilt Sampler Magazine ~ Giveaway TimeTIME'S UP were all TOO nice. My head is big enough without you filling it up. Thanks so much. Corrie does an Awesome job with customer service!! AND super fast shipping. Anyway, Random Generator picked #8 Linda Gerig!!! Contact Corrie.
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Leave a comment telling us about one of your favorite quilt stores. We promise not to make favorites of those who mention Quilt Taffy!! :) But it couldn't hurt. We'll have a random drawing later tonight.
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Oooohhh, loving those colors....

I want to skate in my socks on that floor!!
Think Tom Cruise....Risky Business.
Just don't think of me in underwear. Not as pretty a picture as Tommy boy.

Need to take a closer look at that.....

Little "Nest" action going on here......

Color me fall.............
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  1. Only a little Hi for say that today I have discover your blog and I love it!
    I'm Denise from Italy, your new and passionate customer :)

  2. Well, Quilt Taffy is the best US store around. I'm always putting little requests in. Your service to the UK is amazing. Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou xxx

  3. Discovered your shop today too by making a research for american patchwork and quilting magazine and I'm amazed

    my favourite quilt shops, gosh, as I don't have a credit card I can't order from the well-known internet shops and yours, so I have to stay overhere in Europe and buy in some little shops in my tiny country

    but who knows, maybe one day, ;o))))

  4. Of course, it has to be Quilt Taffy. Such personal service, and always ready to help me (a novice quilter) out!!

  5. I have just found your blog and your store - both of which are great! Since I haven't yet purchased from you, I would have to vote for a store which I visit whenever I get the chance - The Sugar Pine Company Quilt Store in Canmore, Alberta, Canada. I am looking forward to future orders with you!

  6. Two that I can visit in person are
    Raspberry Patch here -

    and Patches here

    These stores have great fabrics and customer service.

  7. How could anyone NOT love Quilt Taffy??!!! You're amazing,funny gifted,clever,adorable & really,really cute with a tremendous selection of fabrics & patterns!! You're in my personal top ten!!!

  8. We do not have any real quilt shops around my house. So I guess I do order more from online than anyplace else. I order from your store most I think. Linda Gerig

  9. from the first day i saw your Quilt Taffy shop i was hooked. but when my first order came in the mail i knew i was in trouble. it has always been fun browsing & corresponding. but of course for in person attention i can't survive w/o my LQS's in CT Quilting By The Yard and Quilter's Dream.

  10. Well, Quilt Taffy is my most favorite quilt store. Just check my credit card statement if you don't believe me. But please don't tell my husband. Seriously though, we have several quilt shops here in Louisville, Kentucky, but they never seem to carry the kinds of fabrics I'm looking for, mostly just boring little calico type fabrics. That's why you win! Well, that and you're blog is cute and funny!

  11. I like spool sewing in philadelphia!

    maumauisginger at gmail dot com

  12. You have some gorgeous fabrics in your store! I am defintly planning my first purchase sometime soon. My favorite local store is called Klassy Katzs(The owner's name is Toni Katz). I have to keep my self from drooling everytime I go in there.

  13. I do love your online store! You are super friendly and have the best selection of charm packs and patterns! I love your blog too!

  14. This my favorite issue of course. I love to see the shops. I study what is on the walls of the shops fairly closely. I like to see whats going on out there. Well you already know I love Quilt Taffy. And I am lucky to have stores close to me too. But you girls provide a great service when I simply know what I want and don't have time to go to the store. I love that.

  15. I don't know if it counts when I mention my local quiltstor here in Norway. That's the best quiltshop in Norway.

  16. "Quilt Sampler" is my favorite quilt magazine ever...I really love "Christmas Goose" in Las Vegas, but have been thinking about placing an order from Quilt have so many awesome lines in right now!

  17. I have a few that I hit in the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene area...The Quilting Bee, Bear Paw Quilting, The Top Stich, Sew Easy too....BUT hands down you guys have some fabrics that I have not found locally so lately it has been QUILT TAFFY, I did not know about "blogging" until I got my first order from you guys with the coaster and your blog info, your blog is the 1st I read everyday and now one of MANY that I look at all day long!

  18. cowslip workshops in cornwall UK its pure inspiration, amazing classes and lots of ideas. The people are lovely, it feels like comming home when you walk in.

  19. Well, I'm thinkin I'd better place an order so that Quilt Taffy will become my favorite online store. My favorite local store is Christmas Goose in Las Vegas, NV.

  20. I just ordered a kit from your shop and am eager to get it - so yes, I love your shop and service! We also have a couple great local quilt shops that people will travel for and they offer lots of classes and quilt nights.

  21. Quilt Taffy of course! It's the only place I shop. There's always such yummy fabric!

  22. I was wondering about that issue of the magazine. Is it all just about the shops or are there projects - you answered that question. Thanks! I love that shop shown with the wooden floor (and now picutre you sliding across it :D ). Well when you live in PODUNK and the pickins' are slim for IN PERSON shopping then you go online and there it is QUILT TAFFY! The store combined with the blog and the great customer service - almost as good as being IN a store. When we go to Cannon Beach on vacation there is a quilt store there that I love to go to, although it is pretty small it is jam packed.

  23. My favorite store is right you des:) You always make me laugh...i love the quilt sample best shops also....nobody can come close to beating you especially skating in your undies across the floor...hehehe

  24. Silly Des, You know which shop is my favorite! We were featured in the Spring issue as a Top 10 shop! The Material Girls in South Jordan Utah! I work there and I design for them as well-Nadine the owner I consider a dear friend, and we work hard to make it a great shop!

    Also---Fat Quarter Quilts in Vista California- I go there every time I am in San Diego- love them and they carry my patterns!
    Kari from Fresh Cut Quilts and the Material Girls

  25. I was delighted to find your ebay store! I had 3 specific fabrics in mind for a project but I wanted all of them from the same store to save on shipping, etc. I found them at Quilt Taffy and was happy to see that the prices were great too! I'll definitly be back.